Rating System

I rate movies based on a two-part scale here at the Z-portal because I would give both The Raid: Redemption and Return of the Killer Tomatoes very high ratings but for obviously different reasons.

Z-rating: Represents how much I enjoyed the movie overall.

5 stars = I absolutely LOVE these movies and would watch them ANY time, even back-to-back without tiring of them. These are my all-time favorite movies and is highly recommended to anyone who shares similar tastes.

4 stars = I really like these movies. I would definitely watch them again sometime and recommend them to others. Maybe they're not my favorites but I still really enjoyed them.

3 stars = I like these movies, they're very entertaining and should be seen if you're in the right mood for them. I'd be on the fence about recommending them to others, maybe if they enjoyed similar titles. 

2 stars = I don't like these movies, there are probably only a few scenes worth watching but is an overall waste of time. Might be worth skimming through just for those good scenes. (If you can borrow it from a friend)

1 stars = I hate these movies, I might post spoilers just so people can avoid having to watch these movies themselves.

0 stars = TERRIBLE movies, avoid at all cost. Not even I think they're worth watching.

This rating is supplemented with the Cheese Factor (also from 0-5) which will measure how campy, corny, or cheesy a movie is. (Whether intentional or not) A movie high in cheese, sleaze, silly, outrageous, and over-the-top moments will receive a high Cheese Factor.

Really good movies that are serious in tone will receive a high Z-rating and a low Cheese Factor.
i.e. Predators was a bad ass Sci-Fi movie that wasn't cheesy or campy at all.
A movie that has a high Z-rating AND a high Cheese Factor is outrageously campy cinema.
i.e. Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky was extremely entertaining and completely over-the-top. 
Sometimes a movie will receive a low Z-rating but have a high Cheese Factor, these movies are worth watching purely for their campiness or gratuitous nudity.
i.e. Havoc had a stupid plot but you get to see the insanely hot Anne Hathaway's boobs AND watch her act slutty!
Hopefully, this will help provide a better insight into the films that I review. I will do my best to be consistent with these scales.