Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Ring vs. The Grudge!

Late last year, it was announced there would be a Sadako vs. Kayako movie. I'm a total sucker for crossovers so I was immediately stoked for this!

For those of you that don't know, Sadako is the long-haired ghost girl from the Japanese Ringu franchise who crawls out of TV screens. Remade here in the States as The Ring, her name was changed to Samara because... reasons. Kayako is the girl from the Ju-On franchise, which was remade here as The Grudge. I'm not sure this will be a fair fight as Kayako is often accompanied by her son, Toshio, the little ghost boy who meows like a cat because... reasons. Despite being a possible 2-on-1 apparitional ass whooping, I can't wait to see them throwdown!

A trailer finally dropped a few days ago:

Like Freddy vs. Jason only instead of two American slashers, this will be a battle between two of J-Horror's most iconic ghost girls. Seeing that dirty VHS tape was enough to get me squealing with delight. I don't know what the hell Toshio's problem is in this trailer but I'm ready for this rumble of the revenants! Are you #TeamSadako or #TeamKayako?