Monday, March 16, 2015

When a Killer Calls (2006)

Background: This movie is a knock off of a remake of a movie based on an urban legend.

Plot: A babysitter begins receiving threatening phone calls from a man who has just killed an entire family.

Main menu on DVD has a metal band blasting over it on a short loop

Wow, this movie looks like it was filtered through someone's asshole.

Haha, landline.

This is borderline bondage porn, some white girl is hogtied in her panties while some creep snaps pictures with his cellphone.

Damn, that's a shitty old cellphone.

That looks like Smucker's on the knife. 

00:06:18 - Dead kids, even shows them struggling to get away. That's pretty brutal.

This killer is very tidy, even clean up after himself!

*67 blocks your number from caller ID, I never knew that.

This movie is so damn generic, there's nothing to really say about it.

00:28:50 - Last time she checks on the girl she's babysitting, this chick sucks at her job!

Boyfriend, Matt, shows up with idiot friend, Frank, and some chick running from the cops because Frank pulled a gun on someone at the bowling alley.

Frank the fucking idiot starts smoking weed at someone else's house. This isn't even their friend's house, she's just babysitting for people. We all have that one friend who's a royal fuck up in life.

This sex scene doesn't any contain nudity.

Boyfriend tries to act hard over the phone

After seeing a news report about a triple homicide, the babysitter finally realizes the pictures she thought were fake earlier are real.

01:01:07 - Finally checks on the kid again, she's dead. Worst babysitter ever.


Boyfriend sacrifices himself for her, good guy.

Final Thoughts: This pretty much had the same premise as When A Stranger Calls because both were based on the same urban legend. Unfortunately, this manages to be really dull despite a decently written script. Of course this wasn't going to have the same polish as the Hollywood version, which had a $15 Million budget, but the slow pacing really killed it for me. With 3 dead kids, boobs, and an R-rating, you'd think this would be more interesting.