Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween everyone! Thanks to all of you who read my reviews and share them with your friends, you make the time spent writing them worth it. I hope everyone's got some great plans for this year's Halloween and in case you're throwing a party, I thought I'd suggest some movies to rent. I hope you guys enjoy and have an awesome Halloween!!!

Supernatural Horror

Who doesn't love a good ghost story? Here are some supernatural/ghost movies worth checking out:

Devil (2010)
Lords of Salem, The (2012) 
Apartment 143 (2011)
Art of the Devil II (2005)
Grave Encounters (2011)
Grave Encounters 2 (2012)
Sick Nurses (2007)
Bunshinsaba (2004)
Carved: The Slit-Mouthed Woman (2007)
Evil Dead (2013)
Triangle (2009)
Echo, The (2008)
Conjuring, The (2013)

Creature Features

Do you prefer monsters instead? Here's a good mix of creature features to entertain your party guests:

Bad Milo! (2013)
Jeepers Creepers (2001)
Dog Soldiers (2002)
Dead Sushi (2012)
Trollhunter (2010)
Splinter (2008)
Feast (2005)
Feast II: Sloppy Seconds (2008)
Feast III: The Happy Finish (2009)
Piranha 3D (2010)
Piranha 3DD (2012)


Who doesn't love a good slasher? If you like your horror bloody and violent, check out:

Dream Home (2010)
Wrong Turn (2003) 
Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (2007)
Collector, The (2009)
Collection, The (2012)
Hills Run Red, The (2009)
Maniac! (1980)
Maniac (2012) 
Hatchet (2006)
Hatchet II (2010)
Hatchet III (2013)
Laid to Rest (2009)
ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2 (2010)

Horror Anthology

If you like to get the most horror movies you can in one sitting, here's a list of Horror Anthology films:

Campfire Tales (1997)
V/H/S (2012)
V/H/S 2 (2013)
Theatre Bizarre, The (2011)
Chillerama (2011)
ABCs of Death, The (2012)
Body Bags (1993)
Creepshow (1982)
Three... Extremes (2004)
Trick 'r Treat (2007)


For all you Walking Dead fans who are just waiting for the next episode, check out:

Burial Grounds: The Nights of Terror (1981)
Serpent and the Rainbow, The (1988)
Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead (2011)
Doghouse (2009)
Horde, The (2009)
[REC] (2007)
[REC] 2 (2009)
[REC] 3: Genesis (2012)
Day of the Dead (1985)

Grab Bag

Here's a good variety of Horror movies that's great for Halloween parties or a quiet night at home!

Night of the Demons (1988)
Mother's Day (2010)
P2 (2007)
Orphan (2009)
Stake Land (2010)
The Blob (1988)
I Saw the Devil (2010)
Trick 'r Treat (2007)

I hope this was useful to anyone couldn't figure out what they wanted to watch for Halloween this year. If you already know what you're watching tonight, let me know in the comments what your lineup is for tonight. Be safe, Happy Halloween to all!!!

The Conjuring (2013)

The Conjuring (USA, 2013) - Color, Director(s): James Wan
MPAA Rating: R
[UK: 15]
Approx. 112 min.

Z-rating: 5 stars out of 5

Cheese Factor: 0 stars out of 5

"Based on a true story" is an overused adage when promoting horror movies in an attempt to lend some credibility to the film's story. What could be scarier than the possibility of the events in the movie actually being true? Unfortunately, these movies often take many liberties with the plot in order to produce an entertaining film and, in embellishing the story, give critics a reason to doubt that any of the events have actually taken place. Enter James Wan's third supernatural horror film based on Ed and Lorraine Warren's real life paranormal investigations during the 1970's. The Warrens are featured as prominent characters in the film but what you might not have known was that they also investigated the hauntings depicted in the films The Amityville Horror and The Haunting in Connecticut. In fact, Lorraine Warren even mentions specifically that of all the places she's visited throughout her career, the Amityville house is the only one she would never return to.

The film opens with the Warrens investigating a demonically possessed doll, which is based on their real life investigation of a possessed Raggedy Ann Doll named Annabelle. What we're seeing is footage played during a lecture given by the Warrens to a University class on the supernatural. After a brief title crawl, we cut to the Perron family moving into their new home. The family experiences some supernatural occurrences after their first night in the house but initially writes it off as strange coincidence. Not until something attacks one of their daughters in the middle of the night do they seek professional help from the Warrens. Agreeing to come out and visit the house, the Warrens conduct an initial investigation and conclude that the house needs an exorcism in order to "cleanse" it. After doing a little research on the property, they uncover the original owners' relation to a woman that was hung during the Salem witch trials and a curse that was placed on the land. Now, it's up to Ed and Lorraine Warren to save the Perron family.

I cannot stress enough how much I loved the focus on the Warrens and their career as professional paranormal researchers. I grew up LOVING the movie Mr. Vampire because it was just amazing to watch a Master ghostbuster/vampire hunter at work. I prefer watching professionals who actually know what they're doing as opposed to amateur home video artists that you find in a Paranormal Activity movie. The fact that these characters were based on actual people that really did this type of work is what makes the story so enriching. The Perrons are such a sweet family, you really hate to see all this happening to them. I have two young nieces myself, so I can relate to the fear of something happening to them that I have no control over. I'd rather take my chances on Jason Voorhees, Chucky, or something I can actually fight against.

Nudity: None pervs, there are children in this movie!

Gore: Being a supernatural film, there isn't much in the way of blood being spilled either. Although a police officer is bitten on the cheek and we see the spouting blood for a brief moment.

Room full of haunted, possessed, or cursed items

Awesome: to the MAX!!!! Right before seeing this movie, I was complaining to a friend that there seemed to be a lack of truly creepy or frightening movies in recent years. (I was personally disappointed when The Woman in Black and The Innkeepers failed to thrill me) Although I understand that as an avid horror movie fan, the chances of coming across more hits than misses is lower when you watch them in such large quantity. I had to eat my words when James Wan killed it this year with back-to-back haunted house films in The Conjuring and Insidious: Chapter 2, which had to be the best supernatural movies I've seen in years. I will admit that watching the sheer volume of horror movies that I've seen, you do get desensitized a bit, but you can always tell the difference between a good movie and a bad one. This movie was fantastic and I highly recommend buying or rent it for Halloween!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mother's Day (2010)

Mother's Day (USA, 2010) - Color, Director(s): Darren Lynn Bousman
MPAA Rating: R
[UK: 18]
Approx. 112 min.

Z-rating: 4 stars out of 5

Cheese Factor: 1 stars out of 5

I was really surprised they remade this movie, seeing as the original was a rape and revenge exploitation film released under the Troma banner (Directed by Charles Kaufman, brother of Lloyd Kaufman!). I didn't realize a movie like this would even be on the remake radar, but then again, what isn't these days? The new story is in the vein of home invasion movies like The Strangers and not only is this a serious remake, they even included a few references to the original (They mention "Queenie"!). Three brothers who return to their home/hideout after a botched bank robbery find it inhabited by new owners. Realizing their mistake, they immediately begin crowd control as the new owners had guests over to celebrate a birthday and stay safe during a tornado. They're able to reach their mother, who rushes over to help with their escape. Mother promises that they'll leave once they have an opportunity and nobody will be hurt as long as they cooperate.

Should've saved everyone with your Iceman powers Bobby! Or at least gone Animorphs on their ass...

Rebecca De Mornay plays "Mother" who was the ring leader in this circus of misfits. I was impressed with how authoritative she came off when giving orders while still remaining courteous. She was considerate and sweet, even baking them a cake to enjoy while waiting in the basement. However, she would not tolerate anyone unwilling to cooperate and was quick to punish disobedience. She was calm, cool, and in control the moment she walked in the door but had this underlying sadism to her. As time went on, her patience wore thin and her mean streak began to show. Rebecca was really believable in her performance, which is why I was so surprised to see her in that garbage remake of Apartment 1303!

This lady, you do NOT fuck with...

Each of the three brothers had different personalities that served different purposes. The oldest one was a little more responsible and handed down orders directly from their mother. There was a rowdy one that you could tell would've been happy to torture and execute the hostages. Their youngest brother had been shot during the robbery and needed to be "protected" like the baby of the family. This gave the antagonists much more depth than just a bunch of faceless criminals who break in and torture people for no good reason (like The Purge).

Except maybe these two annoying bitches, but they got what they deserved!

Nudity: None that I could remember. As the youngest son was about to die, they bring one of the female hostages up to pop his man-cherry but we don't see any nudity. She's forced to take her top off but covers her boobs with her arms. 

Gore: A security guard is violently stabbed in the beginning and a girl who tries to make a run for the door gets shot in the face. This wasn't a Saw film though, so don't expect a ton of gore.

They just dumped her body behind a dumpster too

Awesome: Very. I liked how the movie is realistic (again, unlike The Purge which had to create an alternate future) and simple but still very effective. I already talked about the interesting family dynamic between the criminals but the hostages also had an interesting and familiar dynamic. If you're a fan of zombie movies like I am, then you'll understand that undead ghouls eating flesh is just half the reason those movies are so entertaining. What's interesting is seeing the "survivors" deal with one another and how quickly the democratic system breaks down in those situations. People disagree, fight, argue, and are unable to reach a group decision. When the shit hits the proverbial fan, that's when people show their true colors. The cowards only thought of self-preservation, they stopped being civilized, and these "friends" were quick to turn on each other. If someone tried to be a hero, it might've caused another person to be hurt. Very tense and uncomfortable situation to be in.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I Saw the Devil (2010)

I Saw the Devil (South Korea, 2010) - Color, Director(s): Kim Jee-Woon
MPAA Rating: NR
[UK: 18]
Approx. 141 min.

Z-rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Cheese Factor: 1 stars out of 5

WOW!!! I really can't believe I missed this gem during it's theatrical run. I'm a huge fan of revenge movies and I always thought Oldboy was the pinnacle of revenge cinema. After watching this one though, I really have to reconsider that (Funny that both movies star actor Min-sik Choi). This movie was one long cat-and-mouse game between a serial killer and National Intelligence Service agent, who I will now be referring to as Storm Shadow for the remainder of this review. So Oldboy is a serial killer and happens to murder Storm Shadow's wife one night. As you probably could've guessed, Storm Shadow loses his shit and methodically hunts down every suspect in his wife's murder until it leads him to Oldboy. Showing more self-control than expected of anybody in his position, Storm Shadow doesn't immediately rage kill Oldboy to death. Instead, he just beats the ever-loving crap out of him and plants a tracking device on him before letting him go. Once Oldboy moves onto a different victim, Storm Shadow sneaks up on him and delivers another fresh ass whooping. Oldboy eventually catches on and seeks refuge with an old friend. After figuring out who has been doing all this to him, Oldboy tries to even up the score and seems like he might even get the upper hand in this cat-and-mouse game of revenge.

Choi plays a cold-hearted serial killer, it's scary how remorseless and completely devoid of compassion his character was to the point that he seemed almost inhuman. I read that this was his first major role since exiling himself in protest of a reduction in Korea's screen quota system. Choi and Byung-hun Lee (Storm Shadow) are two of Korea's most recognizable stars and this was the first time they shared the screen together. Rather than a straight up horror movie, this is more like a crime drama and suspense thriller. The brutality and violence is rough and some of the characters are truly detestable.

This fucker right here

Nudity: Storm Shadow's wife awakens completely naked and covered in a plastic sheet after the attack by Oldboy. Other than that, he also attempts to rape a couple of his victims.

Not exactly sexy...

Gore: BRUTAL! This isn't the fun type of splatter-gore you find in your average slasher film, the violence here is serious and dark. In fact, the movie isn't even particularly gory, it's just the way it's depicted makes it difficult to watch. Absolutely brutal. 

Looks like Dr. Frankenstein's Lego set

Awesome: to the MAX! Although some parts are a little ridiculous, this is a pretty suspenseful movie. Storm Shadow's plan of letting a menace like Oldboy free is far from perfect, but he's pretty much working solo as a vigilante so I guess he couldn't be always be there to kick the shit out of him. Storm Shadow comes out with a couple scrapes himself and just starts winging it whenever things don't go according to plan. With that said, this movie is an intense revenge flick with a gripping story that is sure to entertain all your guests for Halloween... as long as no one minds reading subtitles.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Fright Night (1985)

Fright Night (USA, 1985) - Color, Director(s): Tom Holland
MPAA Rating: R
[UK: 18]
Approx. 106 min.

Z-rating: 5 stars out of 5

Cheese Factor: 2 stars out of 5

No, not the Colin Farrell remake. We're talking about the 80's classic here! Tom Holland, who would go on to direct other entries in the horror genre such as Thinner and the first Child's Play, cut his teeth on this campy vampire flick. A horror movie fanatic named Charley Brewster gets a new neighbor that he suspects might be a vampire. Of course, no one believes him and thinks it's just his overactive imagination. Brewster tries to enlist the aid of a late night horror host by the name of Peter Vincent but he doesn't believe him either at first. Vincent runs through a bunch of fake "tests" to prove the guy isn't a vampire, but is finally convinced himself when he realizes the guy casts no reflection in a mirror. When the vampire starts coming after Brewster's girlfriend, Marcy D'Arcy from Married... with Children, only Charley and Peter Vincent can stop the vampire before it's too late!

The story is a mix of Dracula and Rear Window with a vampire moving in next door. This movie pays homage to older vampire films, like the Universal and Hammer films, while updating it for a newer audience. New being the 80's, of course. Peter Vincent's character is supposedly a send up to Peter Cushing and maybe Vincent Price too. Brewster's best friend "Evil" Ed is cool as hell to watch. The guy's just got a look to him that makes you feel like he belongs in a movie like this. When he's turned into a vampire, he's looks absolutely wicked! Usually the make-up enhances the monstrous look of the actors but this is one of those times where the actor's face actually enhances the look of the make-up!

Nudity: There's a brief flash of nudity at the beginning but nothing major.

Gore: Nothing too gory but the special effects are fantastic! I can't express how much I love practical effects in this movie, especially when people are melting in Nickelodeon slime. Something is very distinctly 80's about the effects. I have a Fright Flicks trading card with Marcy D'Arcy's vampire face on it

Awesome: to the MAX! Most of the best special effects comes towards the end of the movie but when it comes, this movie really gets kicked up to the next level. One guy melts into puddle of green ooze after getting staked through the heart, a werewolf is impaled and shown in mid-transformation back into a human, and Peter Vincent is attacked by a vampire bat. The creature effects are some of the best and most creative I've ever seen, making this one of my favorite vampire flicks to watch. This is a great movie to play at a Halloween party, especially as part of a monster movie marathon. 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Re-Animator (1985)

Re-Animator (USA, 1985) - Color, Director(s): Stuart Gordon
MPAA Rating: UR
[UK: 18]
Approx. 95 min.

Z-rating: 5 out of 5 stars for pure 80's cheesy entertainment

Cheese Factor: 3 out of 5 stars

Re-Animator is another movie I've mentioned quite a few times on this blog but never gave a formal review. This is, without a doubt, one of my favorite movies of all time because of the cheesy 80's effects and the awesome score by Richard Band (brother of Charles Band!). I'm also a big fan of mad scientist films, so a guy with syringes full of glowing green liquid that brings corpses back to life is right up my alley.

Jeffrey Combs plays Herbert West, an unassuming medical student who has found the key to conquering death itself. Dan Cain (Bruce Abbott) is a star student at Miskatonic University and is also dating the dean's daughter. The two becomes roommates and eventually partners in crime when West reveals his reanimation agent to Cain. We are soon introduced to the film's antagonist in Dr. Carl Hill, played by David Gale, who West butts heads with on the subject of brain death (specifically how long the brain will continue to function after death). Cain and West are conducting experiments after hours at the school, when the dean tries to interfere and is accidentally killed by one of their "subjects". Seeing an opportunity to work with a fresh cadaver, West injects him with the reanimation agent. How far will their experiments go?

Too far...

One biggest reasons why I'm such a huge fan of this movie is because I always wanted to be a mad scientist when I was a child. I grew up on shows like The Munsters and loved the idea of test tubes bubbling in a laboratory, imagining all the disgusting experiments I would conduct. I also love how the reanimation agent glows green, which seems to be the go to color for strange substances of an unknown origin in these kinds of movies.

Everybody chill the fuck out, I got this.

Nudity: You get to see Barbara Crampton's sweet boobs a couple times throughout the film. Towards the end, she's fully nude on an operating table as we see Dr. Hill's severed head hovering between her legs, ready to go muff diving. She's got a really nice body too!

Gore: Maybe not as much as a typical zombie film but there's plenty of blood and practical splatter effects. Dr. Hill's head is severed from his body with a shovel and someone's eyes explode due to an overdose of reanimation agent.

Awesome: to the MAX!!! Even though the "science" is completely hokey, the movie itself was a lot of fun (giving someone a lobotomy does NOT give you remote control of their brain!). I know I've reviewed a couple zombie movies already and some people may make the connection to the reanimated corpses in this film, but I really wanted to focus on Herbert West. Even though reanimated corpses do play a big role, the story is really about a mad scientist obsessed with his experiments. This movie is based on a story by H.P Lovecraft titled, "Herbert West-Reanimator" which was written as a parody of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. There was even a Broadway musical adaptation of this film! Great movie to play for a group at a Halloween party, especially if you look up glowing green cocktail recipes. For extra fun, you can make green jello shots in syringes for the party!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Doghouse (2009)

Doghouse (UK, 2009) - Color, Director(s): Jake West
MPAA Rating: NR
[UK: 15]
Approx. 89 min.

Z-rating: 4 stars out of 5

Cheese Factor: 3 stars out of 5

He's crying because opposite of him is something truly horrifying

Doghouse is a British Comedy Horror about a group of guys who are on a "boys only" getaway for the weekend, when they end up in a town where all the women have been turned into a man-eating cannibal freaks. When they first arrive, the town seems completely deserted. They wander around for awhile before seeing a soldier attack a hooded woman with a combat knife. Coming to the woman's aid, they're busy kicking the shit out of the soldier when the girl grabs the knife and stabs one of them in the hand. After knocking her out, they flip off her hood to reveal that these weren't your average homicidal women, these were Zombirds! Or as one of them so eloquently puts it, "She's like Evil Dead." (I love the name drop!) Suddenly, the women start creeping out en masse armed with a variety of weapons from axes to scissors and even dentist drills. The soldier eventually tells them that they released a biological weapon on the town that turned the women into man-eating zombies.

That's my FAVORITE Evil Dead poster on his wall!

What's interesting about these Zombirds is that they have a second Phase of mutation. (For anyone who hasn't figure it out yet, "bird" is British slang for a girl like how we use "chicks") This movie is like Resident Evil meets Shaun of the Dead! These things become smarter, faster, and weirder during "Phase 2" (meaning they grow Demons-like claws!). At one point, they actually attempt to make a weapon we've all considered MacGyver-ing together in the middle of a zombie apocalypse... a makeshift flamethrower. Yes, that's right. They fill a water gun with flammable liquids and tape a lighter to the end of it. Honestly, who HASN'T considered making one of those at one point?! They approach the zombie problems the same way your average joe would handle them, only without dumbing down the movie so much that it comes off stupid.

Um... a little silly... but NOT stupid!

Nudity: None that I can remember. Considering that all the women are zombies, I think we're better off. Unless, of course, you're into that kind of thing.

Gore: Lots! What's a zombie movie without gore? (World War Z)  Fingers are cut off and eaten, intestines are ripped out, various body parts are severed. Everything we've come to expect and love about zombie movies.

Awesome: VERY. This movie was lots of fun and had some hilarious parts that made me laugh out loud. I love that it achieves those laughs without dumbing down the movie SO much that it's insulting to the audience (Dead Before Dawn 3D). If you enjoyed movies like Shaun of the Dead, Evil Dead, and Return of the Living Dead then you'll probably love this! Great movie to add to a zombie movie marathon for Halloween.

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Horde (2009)

The Horde (France, 2009) - Color, Director(s): Yannick Dahan & Benjamin Rocher
MPAA Rating: NR
[UK: 18]
Approx. 90 min.

Z-rating: 4 stars out of 5

Cheese Factor: 2 stars out of 5

Of course, I had to include some zombie movies for Halloween! They're EVERYWHERE you look now, it's really impossible to escape them. The idea probably isn't anything new either, cops and criminals need to work together to escape a building being overrun by zombies. Where this movie succeeds for me is in the execution. The movie starts with a bunch of cops who find out a drug lord is holed up inside an apartment building. In an unsanctioned operation, these cops seek vengeance for a fallen comrade under the cover of night. At first, I thought this was going to be The Raid with zombies but they're quickly taken hostage by the criminals. As the criminals are squeezing them for information, a zombie randomly breaks into the room and wreaks havoc on everyone inside. They all escape to the roof, only to see the city in chaos before deciding they need to work together in order to survive. At first, the cops are outnumbered and have to follow the drug lord's lead. As the movie goes on, numbers on both sides dwindle and teamwork becomes essential to their survival.

In most zombie movies, people are terrified and confused so they spend a lot of time running from zombies before finally fighting back. SWAT teams that show up usually just shoot at them with assault rifles before being overrun. This is one of the few times I've actually seen people fight them hand-to-hand. The criminals are a bunch of hard asses and one of them is locked in a hallway with two zombies approaching. The guy literally beats them down before pulling out a knife and shanking zombies. I thought that was already pretty bad ass of him but later, we see one of the cops has been separated from the group. They're in a random apartment and she REALLY lays into the zombies. She punches it, headbutts it, puts the boots to it, slams cupboard doors on it, cracks it repeatedly with what I think is a baking pan, before finally dropping a fridge on it. She gives that zombie one of the most savage beatings I've ever seen!

That was before they found this!

Nudity: There's supposedly a scene where they mock a female zombie with her boobs exposed but I can't find that scene anywhere. I hear there's an uncut version of this film, so many I have an edited version?

This is the closest thing to nudity I remember seeing

Gore: Although you can tell that a lot of the headshots and blood spatters are CGI, it's not so bad that it ruins the movie. If you're like me, you've probably seen much better and much worse effects in zombie movies. There's really nothing much to say here since nothing really stands out.

Although this one zombie reminded me of Donnie Yen

Awesome: Pretty awesome. I think it's really hard to find a zombie movie with anything new in it because there's already been every kind of zombie movie imaginable. This just happens to be one of the better ones that hasn't gotten the attention that it deserves. The story is simple yet interesting, check this one out for Halloween if you're looking for some good zombie action with a bit of foreign flavor.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Stake Land (2010)

Stake Land (USA, 2010) - Color, Director(s): Jim Mickle
MPAA Rating: R
[UK: 15]
Approx. 98 min.

Z-rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Cheese Factor: 1 stars out of 5

I'm really surprised this movie isn't a little more well-known. Zombies have saturated every media outlet from movies to books to video games and even TV shows, with the genre becoming extremely bloated. This is a slightly different take on the post-apocalyptic zombie story but with vampires instead. The premise is actually pretty similar to the 2009 film, Zombieland, only this isn't a Comedy. After a nasty outbreak has left civilization as we know it in shambles, a man and a young boy travel across the country together while trying not to be bitten by any of the roaming undead freaks. Sounds pretty much like both movies, but this one also has them encountering a crazy religious cult while they're actively hunting the vampires.

Zombieland had a zombie clown, here they kill Dracula Claus

A man known as "Mister" saves the kid when a vampire attacks his family in their barn. Mister takes him in and teaches him how to hunt vampires. They collect the fangs of vampires they kill because it can be traded for goods. Everything seems to be going well for them until they run into a crazy cult, called The Brotherhood, that believes God is "cleansing" the human population and they are "the chosen ones" that will be spared. They add a couple more people to their party when they pick up a nun, a pregnant girl (played by Danielle Harris from Halloween and the Hatchet series), and eventually a Marine that the cult left for dead. Together, they're trying to reach New Eden, a city that's supposedly a safe haven free of vampires. When they actually make it there, things seem a little too good to be true at first. Unfortunately, things don't stay safe at New Eden for very long.

Thanks to this jerk off...

These vampires don't think or talk, they act almost like zombies except they drink blood instead of eat flesh. I liked that the hunters had more than just vampires to worry about, since the cult actually plays a big part as central villains. By the end of the movie, you really begin to hate these crazy religious fanatics. They can't just leave everyone to live by their own means, they have to ruin things for everyone. They're not a cult in the sense that they want to see the world end, their philosophy is just either you're with them or you're against them. There's no middle ground even though these self-righteous bastards are also a bunch of rapists and sadists.

Nudity: Nothing good, I think the best nudity is from a deck of nude playing cards.

Gore: Vampires bite people, spewing blood all over, and the hunters stab the vamps with stakes. There aren't any guts spilled but there's plenty of the red stuff.  

Awesome: VERY!!! Like I always say, I love watching a professional work and Mister is one bad ass vampire hunter. The Brotherhood leaves him for dead at one point, with no weapons, surrounded by 4-5 vampires. I love the way he defends himself in that situation. If you're expecting Underworld or some kind of action-packed vampire slaying movie, you will be disappointed. Mister is just a hardcore vampire hunter who's very skilled but he's not Blade or anything crazy like that. This movie has a grim and serious tone that really works in its favor, really setting it apart from Zombieland. Great for a vampire hunting or post-apocalyptic marathon for the Halloween party!