Monday, January 21, 2013

Misc Updates and Short Reviews

Yeah, it's very apparent that daily updates aren't going to happen but I'll try to do every other day or at least weekly updates if I can. I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to do that since I'm leaving my day job. Might be unemployed for a bit, so I'm sure the amount of updates will increase!

Another reason I haven't been able to update is that I don't have much to say at the moment. Other than the Evil Dead remake, which I've written two different posts about, there haven't been many horror movies or violent movies that I'm really looking forward to seeing.

I did see Django Unchained in theaters, and like most others, really enjoyed the film. I didn't feel the need to write my own review and use the controversy surrounding the film to fuel my own popularity on this blog. I saw it, I really enjoyed it, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys quality entertainment. If you're one of those people who feel the need to join a group of activists because of how this movie exploits black people and slavery, then you need to fuck off because you're missing the point entirely. I don't feel the need to "defend" this movie as it is simply that. A movie. I didn't come out of the movie calling every black person I saw a "nigger" nor did I feel the need to whip any of them as they walked by. I didn't feel like I wanted to call them "boy" or lord over them in any way. Those of you who get SO worked up over a movie just have nothing better to do in their lives. Go get laid and take a chillaxative, you motherfuckers are entirely too anal retentive.

Another thing that's been keeping me busy is the fact that I've on this Tokusatsu and Pro Wrestling hype lately. I picked up two Kamen Rider DVDs lately and a crapload of wrestling DVDs highlighting the careers of greats such as Eddie Guerrero, Mr. Perfect (Curt Hennig), Road Warriors Hawk & Animal, plus many more!!! Used to be, everything I was watching or researching would go up on this blog but I'm trying to sort my interests so I can keep my blog s separate. Like I've explained before, anything horror related or is geared more towards Adults will be posted here. Otherwise, more lighthearted subjects such as video games and comic books will go onto The Retrospective Geek blog.

I saw Mama recently and wasn't impressed. I love that fact that Guillermo Del Toro is out there supporting independent filmmakers but just from the audience's perspective, I felt that the movie was definitely lacking. I have to admit, I wasn't exactly excited for this movie after watching the trailer (mostly because I didn't get it, was Mama a ghost or a monster?) but gave it a chance to impress me when I was at the theater. One of my biggest gripes about Mama (who turns out to be a ghost) is that there isn't enough backstory on her. Sure, they give you just enough to keep the story moving forward but you never really care about Mama and what she went through. The movie focuses more on the two little girls and their relationship with a surrogate mother in the form of their uncle's girlfriend. She wasn't prepared to have any children but stuck by her love and did her best to protect these children. I was more interested in their story and would rather have seen a movie about them instead. What we get is a Mama character who seems haphazardly thrown into the story. There's no reason Mama should be as powerful as she is. A spirit is stronger if a person goes through great emotional trauma before death. Even though Mama's shown going through this trauma, we're never invested in her enough to care. That is where the biggest problem lies in this movie. They had a fantastic cast, the kids were great, but the character Mama is never really developed. I feel like a good horror movie should have a good villain. That's where this film misses and is the biggest reason I think this one can be skipped until the DVD's release.

Another movie that I saw recently was A Haunted House. I got excited for this movie the moment I saw the trailer because I thought this was going to be another Scary Movie. The only funny Scary Movies to me were the first two, and those were the only ones that the Wayans brothers were in. When I saw that Marlon Wayans was involved in this movie, I decided that I had to go see this one for myself. I enjoy the movie but I definitely think that Scary Movie was funnier. There were a lot of "gay" jokes and the humor is pretty sophomorish but that was part of the fun! I saw a lot of the movies they were parodying and I got most of the references, I just feel like this is going to do better after its release on home video. Cedric the Entertainer is absolutely fuckin HILARIOUS in this movie and I think he had the best lines. The movie was very enjoyable but I get the feeling that it will be more fun if you could rent it and make jokes with your friends while watching it. Overall, a fun movie with a couple good laughs. I liked it but I definitely believe it will do better after its DVD or Blu-ray release. (This is NOT the type of film you need on Blu-ray)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Another Evil Dead Update!

Now that I'm running two blogs, it takes me longer to write more in-depth posts. Part of that is because I'll start researching for the post, find something else that interests me, then end up going off on a tangent and wasting many hours just surfing from one link to the next. So rather than take weeks to finish up one post and have the blog sit idle, I'll try to fill it with daily short posts with small updates of info I've come across but haven't had time to compile into a bigger post.

First small update comes from the guys over at confirming there will be absolutely NO use of CGI in the upcoming Evil Dead remake that's slated for a release in April. I'm not usually one to get all worked up over a remake but (since the release of the full red band trailer) I know what I like when I see it. Much like Piranha 3D, I knew I wanted to see it the moment I saw the trailer. Check out the red band trailer for yourself:

I'm already sold purely based on the fact that they're using all practical effects for this movie. I don't mind an updated version of a classic for new audience, it just has to be a sincere attempt to recapture the magic of the original with a new spin on it. The remakes pumped out by big studios simply to cash in on a franchise's popularity is fucking garbage. I'm already excited for this one as it seems like it's being handled well.

I saw Django Unchained awhile back, probably not going to review it, but I would highly recommend it for anyone who likes Quentin Tarantino, Westerns of any kind, and anyone who's just looking for a good time. Most of the action is at the end but the movie is filled with QT's signature interesting dialogue and storytelling. I would probably say that Django Unchained and The Man with the Iron Fists were my favorite movies at the theaters this year. If I ran a movie theater, I would show both of these movies in a double feature for about a week after it's pulled from other theaters. This would give anyone who missed its first run a chance to catch it still, plus I think this double bill would be totally fuckin awesome together.

I'm working on a longer post and some reviews for this blog, but lately I've been on the Retrospective Geek blog because I've been on a Tokusatsu hype lately. Remember to check in on this blog and the other one cause I'll be posting to whichever I finish first!!! While I work on the longer posts, I'll try my best to fill both blog with shorter daily updates so there's always something fresh (or rotten) to see when you come visit.