Sunday, October 14, 2012

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

I must admit that being in Southern California affords me some interesting opportunities that I would rarely be able to experience before. One of which is Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, where the theme park is converted to a Halloween attraction involving mazes filled with actors that jump out and scare you. This year, the attractions that stole the show were Silent Hill, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and the Walking Dead. Those deformed nurses from Silent Hill would walk around and pretend to stab you or scare you from behind. The Walking Dead was everywhere as it invaded the Terror Tram and had its own separate maze. Best part about both these attractions were that they would have TVs or projections that would play some Walking Dead for you to watch while you waited in line.

But hands down, my absolute favorite has to go to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre maze!! Completely faithful to the 1974 movie, the decor looked like it came right off the set and there was a smell once you entered the maze to let you know that you stepped into their world. There was that big metal sliding door, the bone couch, and the dinner table complete with girl tied to a chair. The curtains that typically divide each room of the maze were replaced with strip doors (those plastic flaps you see over doorways in butcher shops).

The attraction that kinda surprised me was La Llorona, partially because I wasn't familiar with the folklore before going into this attraction so I was already interested. This maze was actually pretty creepy and totally insane, making it my second favorite behind TCM.

The Universal Monster Remix attraction was pretty cool, they were blasting some kick ass music and felt like a nightclub with a monster movie theme. (Complete with "dead nurses" dancing)  If they were serving drinks in there, I would've just spent my night there instead!

Overall, I had an absolute blast at this event and it definitely got me in the mood for Halloween. If you've never been, I would definitely recommend going because I can tell you that this was fun as hell from a first timer's perspective. Of course, I re-watched the Texas Chainsaw Massacre the next chance after I got home and I've been giddy as a schoolgirl ever since. I freakin' LOVE Halloween!!!!

[Tip: For the smoothest trip possible, shell out the extra money for the VIP passes and the Valet parking. We went for Valet parking and that got us in and out SO much sooner than everyone else. The only thing we didn't do was VIP pass, so we were stuck waiting in line and missed some of the rides after we were done with mazes. If you have the money, I say go all out and really enjoy the trip!]