Monday, October 8, 2012

[REC]³ : Génesis

[REC]³: Génesis (Spain, 2012) - Color, Director(s): Paco Plaza
MPAA Rating: R
[UK: 18]
Approx. 80 min.

Z-rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Cheese Factor: 2 out of 5 stars for a few lighthearted scenes that made the movie really fun

First off, let me just say that the bride in this movie played by Leticia Dolera is quite possibly the most BEAUTIFUL bride I have ever seen in my life. Her gorgeous eyes are just breathtaking and every moment that she's on screen is an absolute pleasure to watch. I could probably sit through a 5-hour movie of her painting her toenails for double the movie ticket price and still give my experience two thumbs up!!!

 As far as the movie goes, this one is just a bit different from the others. There's still continuity connecting this story to the first two movies but this one only starts off as a found footage film. This one switches to a full cinematic movie about 20-30 minutes in. Basically, the beginning of the film is just one of the younger cousins filming the wedding with a handheld camera. He's following guests around and getting footage of the bride until the first infected person bites someone. From there, the title screen appears and it's absolute chaos as the bride and groom are separated with all the wedding guests biting each other. The proverbial shit really hits the fan as it's absolute mayhem once the outbreak starts. We come out of the POV style camerawork and into full cinematic mode as wedding guests are trying their best to survive. The rest of the movie pretty revolves around the bride and groom trying to reunite while trying to avoid zombies.

Do not mess with this chick, she will END you.

This is one of my favorite franchises in horror movies today, with the first [REC] being a fresh take on a zombie movie with a great setting and really effective ending. The second movie switches gears by involving a lot more of the religious aspect and feels more like demonic possession movie. Finally, the third one comes back to the zombie movie feel and switches out of the "found footage" style and is the first cinematic film in the trilogy. I like how seamlessly they're able to shift the focus and camera style without compromising the story or the overall effectiveness of the films. Really impressive.

Nudity: None. As much as I really WISH there was some this time. The absolutely GORGEOUS bride is enough to satisfy me though. If that's the closest thing we get to nudity, I'd happily take it.

Gore: Plenty of it!!! Of course people are bitten left and right but the part at the end where the "blood spattered" bride grabs the chainsaw.... fuckin MAGIC right there.

Awesome: to the fucking MAX!!! One of the most satisfying trilogies I've ever had the pleasure of watching. As satisfying as this movie was as a standalone film, the franchise as whole is probably one of the best and is definitely one of my favorites. As I mentioned before, I love how they switched from a zombie movie feel in the first one to a demonic possession feel in the second only to come full circle and go back to the zombie movie feel in this third installment. But for the third one to have one of the most beautiful ladies in the world pick up a chainsaw and have a scene that looks like it came out of a Japanese splatter film... was so satisfying that it had me giggling out loud like a shy schoolgirl when her crush catches her staring at him in class and winks at her.