Monday, October 1, 2012

Halloween 2012 - Week 1

Found Footage Films

Greetings to Z-portal visitors old and new, welcome to this year's Halloween horror movie review extravaganza!!! Back in 2010, Z-portal posted a review of a different horror movie every day for the month of October in celebration of Halloween. This year, Z-portal is back to do it again with a whole new list of movies to help you guys decide what best to rent for Halloween this year.

Z-portal will be kicking this month off with an entire week of Found Footage Films. With the release of movies like V/H/S and Paranormal Activity 4, it seems that "Found footage films" are in this year. These films tend to play out like video recordings that were discovered after a heinous crime or people having gone missing, the most popular example being The Blair Witch Project.

If found footage films aren't your thing, remember to check back shortly because next week will kick off TWO full weeks of Supernatural horror movies. Ghosts, demons, black magic, and all things paranormal. Stay tuned for plenty of creeps and scares with your frightful host, The Boogeyman!!!