Monday, October 15, 2012

Eternal Evil of Asia (1995)

Eternal Evil of Asia (Hong Kong, 1995) - Color, Director(s): Man Kei Chin
MPAA Rating: UR
[Hong Kong: CAT III]
Approx. 89 min.

Z-rating: 5 out of 5 stars for how outrageously hilarious this movie is

Cheese Factor: 5 out of 5 stars for juvenile humor brought to life

I had to dig deep into the devil's asshole for this funny piece of shit. I know I've mentioned this film before but I dont believe that I've properly reviewed it. The story is about a group of guys who travel to Thailand in search of some good times. Instead, they stumble onto a wizard battle... and actually are stupid enough to get involved! In a way, it works in their favor and they earn the trust of the wizard that wins the battle. They're invited back to the wizard's house for dinner and his hot younger sister falls for one of the guys in the group. Through the use of black magic, the younger sister gets mixed up in a crazy accident where she has sex with all the guys in the group and accidentally gets herself killed. Without resolving this with the wizard, the guys all bail early in the morning. Now that they're home, they're dying in crazy accidents themselves... one after another....

This was one of the more interesting Horror/Comedy films to come out of Hong Kong, as I've mentioned before, they tend to be more Comedy than Horror. This one is filled with perverse humor such as an evil wizard couple that fuck for more power, ghost rape, and a guy whose head is literally turned into a penis!!! Completely ridiculous but absolutely fuckin hilarious! I like that there are outrageous scenes with adult humor but is still trying to tell a serious scary tale. The beginning is awesome too, gives you a bit of background on wizards and then cuts into a totally bangin metal chorus. Great movie.

Nudity: Plenty, like what you would expect from this kind of movie. Pretty classy too, saxophone music playing in the background for the nude scenes.

Asian Pinhead

Gore: Lots of blood and crazy shit being spilled in this movie.

Awesome: Extremely!!! Even better if you spoke Cantonese, but even if you don't, the jokes are simple so most of them translate. This movie is a shit ton of fun and I would recommend it for any party that you're throwing.