Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Dude Designs

Okay, I'm sure everyone has been hearing the buzz over The Dude Designs' cover for Scream Factory's release of John Carpenter's They Live.

Not only is this the most kick ass cover I've seen any movie anywhere, I looked up the artist and he's probably ones of the coolest guys around. He has a blog here on Blogger as well, (which is where I got the pic above!) and I came across the following video on his Facebook page.

How freakin' awesome is this guy?? I am absolutely LOVING this guy's artwork and the more I find out about him, I wonder why I hadn't heard about him sooner. I only wish that I owned my own film studio or distribution company, I would use this guy for EVERYTHING we do. So to Tom "TheDudeDesigns" Hodge, hats off to you brother!!! The horror/exploitation community NEEDS you, Dude.

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