Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Re-Animator on Blu-Ray this September!

Re-Animator is one of my all time favorite movies and it's finally getting the Blu-ray treatment... just in time for my birthday too!!! Image Entertainment will be putting out the 1080p transfer on September 4. I cant wait!!

I've always been into mad scientists ever since I was a kid. Books that I read as a kid would always depict mad scientists conducting various experiments. One such book that I can remember was called "Blood, Bones, and Body Bits"

Fun AND Educational!

I also used to own both the Doctor Dreadful Food and Drink Labs!!!

And of course, growing up on Nick at Nite, I used to LOVE Grandpa Munster from The Munsters. He was not only a Dracula-type character, he was always in his "dungeon" working on crazy experiments!!!

So, of course, I fell in love when I first saw Re-Animator. Kind of a pseudo-zombie story with a mad scientist carrying a syringe full of glowing green liquid that brings people back from the dead. Add a bunch of awesome splattery effects (that I love oh SO much) and throw on some catchy 80's horror movie beats.... and you've got an absolute winner in my book!!! If you haven't seen this movie yet, check out the trailer below and make sure you pick up the Blu-ray that drops this September!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Drive Angry 3D (2011)

Drive Angry 3D (USA, 2011) - Color, Director(s): Patrick Lussier
MPAA Rating: R
[UK: 18]
Approx. 104 min.

Z-rating: 5 out of 5 stars for being balls out entertaining

Cheese Factor: 5 out of 5 stars for being fun and not taking itself seriously

How the HELL did this movie slip under my radar?! Maybe it wasn't completely invisible to me, I had heard that the movie was playing in 3D on the big screen and I knew that the DVD dropped. I just had no idea what the story was and, for some reason, just assumed it was something along the lines of a Fast and Furious knockoff. (I never saw the trailer for this movie either) I had NO clue that this movie was going to be so damn entertaining!!!

Nick Cage escapes from Hell in order to save his grandchild from a cult of devil worshippers. Along the way he picks up Amber Heard, who is ridiculously beautiful, and plays a tough girl in this movie. I absolutely LOVE her role in this film and the toughness of her character just makes her all the more attractive, in my opinion. The movie opens with Cage running down 3 of the cult members and blowing them away with a shotgun. Before the title even pops up, we're treated to limbs being blown off and cheesy dialogue that you'd find in a movie like Machete. (Another one of my favorites I might add!) This movie was mindless fun all the way through. In addition to chasing down the devil worshipping cult, he's being hunted by the authorities as well as The Accountant. (Played by William Fichtner who turns in a fabulous performance as the devil's right hand man)

The cult wants to sacrifice his grandchild in order to bring Hell on Earth and Cage comes back from the grave to stop them. This movie feels like it belongs in a Grindhouse Double Feature but doesn't utilize that fake grainy filter that simulates wear on the film. I think that has been played out since Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez did it in Grindhouse. If your expectations aren't too high and you enjoyed the movies I've mentioned thus far, then chances are you'll love this one like I did. Nothing but over-the-top gunfights, excessive violence, and your occasional sex scene thrown in for good measure. (There's even a gunfight that happens DURING a sex scene, could you possibly ask for more??)

Gunfights during sex... talk about liking it ROUGH

Nudity: There were a couple scenes had a good amount of nudity in it. The first when Amber Heard's character comes home to find her boyfriend cheating on her and she loses it, throwing the skank out naked and then knocking her out in public. Man, this girl is hot...

POW! Right in the kisser...

Gore: Excessive and over-the-top!!! Just the way I like it. The movie opens with Nick Cage running down a car and blowing 3 cult members away with a shotgun. One guy gets his hand blown off in slow motion while another gets it in the face. All while deliver some great cheesy lines and this all happens before the title comes up! While it may not be as visceral as some horror movies, the violence in this movie was tons of fun to watch.

I love when limbs go flying!!!

Awesome: to the MAX!!!! I have to recommend this to anyone who's looking for some good mindless entertainment as it combines the revenge movie with horror elements such as Satanism and black magic, even throwing in some nice muscle cars for good measure. Once again, I cannot stress enough how much I loved Amber Heard's character. She's sweet, lovable, but tough at the same time. She's not easily taken advantage of and she is NOT the type of girl you want to mess with. Truly mindless entertainment as cars will explode for no reason and every gunshot sends a person or limb flying. More often in slow motion than not. I say rent this movie, pick up a case of beer, invite some friends over and have your own double feature at home. My only regret is not seeing this one in 3D on the big screen. If only I'd paid closer attention to the trailer!!!!

[Interview] Jody S. Dean of Sickafyed Films

Here at the Z-portal, we like to support the little guys who can't compete with big Hollywood advertisement budgets. Horror is our favorite genre and we're really more about the love of the ideas behind these movies rather than being impressed by which celebrity face you have plastered on the cover. That's why when I was given a chance to interview an indie filmmaker recently, I jumped at the chance to pick his mind and find out more about where his movie is coming from.

The director's name is Jody S. Dean and he's looking to break out onto the horror scene with a supernatural revenge flick that drops this Halloween. His company, Sickafyed Films, is a film production company with hopes of being an outlet for genuine horror films. Not allowing artistic freedom to be stifled by executives who sit behind a desk all day and probably don't know the first thing about horror. Tired of generic horror movies that are pumped out by major studios who only care about turning a profit? Well, keep your eyes peeled for this company that's looking to make a splash (or should that be splatter?) in the horror scene. Here is the official trailer for their first production: Don't Go on the Trail (2012)

After seeing the trailer, I had a few questions for the man behind the movie and he was kind enough answer them for me.

So, I'm sure the first question my readers want me to ask is... will there be any nudity in this film?

There is a little nudity in the film.....But from my past work I kept Don't Go On The Trail somewhat tasteful, I think the viewers will be pleased.

I'm a total gore-hound and I'm sure a lot of my readers are too! What can you tell us about the level of gore in this movie?

The gore is epic! I think the gore-hounds will howl for this film, I did all the special effects my self and this is my best work yet. We used 10 gallons of blood...so if you are a blood fanatic like me this will be right up your alley.

What can you tell me about the plot that you wouldn't mind readers knowing before they saw the movie?

Hell has no fury like a woman scorned, that's what I had in mind when I was writing this film. The story is about a girl that has been reduced to nothing and she's mad, she comes back from the dead and she wants revenge .

How did you come up with the idea for the movie and how long did it take to make? 
I wanted the film seem like it was taken place at one location, and i haven't seen no one do anything on a trail so I based the whole script on the locations I came up with. I'm very happy I did cause I think the trail will become scary from my film.

What are you promising to deliver with this film?

I'm giving the viewers lots of blood , action, suspense and hard core horror. I am introducing a new slasher to the game and she clams her own territory... The trail!

What difficulties did you run into while making this movie? Were there any unforeseen circumstances?
Wind, Wind, and Wind!! Seemed like during the best scenes the wind would just pick up out of no where and it did create some sound difficulty but with editing and a special touch, I'm happy with the end result. Other then that everything flowed like water... or should I say blood!

I hear this movie was inspired by I Spit on Your Grave, one of my favorites, is this true?

This is not true! I heard about I Spit On Your Grave but I didn't see the movie until after I wrote the script so i cant say it was inspired by it, but rape and revenge does play a comparison in both films. I think Dont go on the trail is brand new, I try to always think original when I'm writing, I'm proud of this film cause of the originality .

I'd like to hear about your history as a filmmaker. (especially your connection to the horror genre) What other projects have you worked on that brought you to this film?
I started out making short films, My first short film was called Vampage.. Then I started  making trailers pitch to investors and then I knew i had to make a feature so Don't Go On The Trail was my first stab. I've only been making films for a few years but I've been writing since I was 9, and I always had hopes to be a successful film maker. Dont Go On The Trail is the first film I am very proud of. This is my best work yet!

What are some of your favorite horror movies of all time?

Huge Wrong Turn fan!
I love zombie movies, My favorite would be Resident Evil and Dawn Of The Dead.
I also love all the Halloween movies and a fan of lots of Independent horrors.

Do you remember the first horror movie you ever saw?

Child's Play, I use to rent it all the time. My mother and grandmother couldn't stand to watch it, but i was hooked. Second one was Jason, from a young age this was in my blood.

How do you feel about the direction that the horror genre has been headed lately?

I love it, It's great! I am always looking forward to see what Independent film makers come out with. Things seem more creative these days and some of the ideas people come out with are crazy, I love it.. This is my favorite times of the blood flow of horror.

Tired of all the sequels, prequels, and remakes yet?

I am a huge fan of sequels but I see it like this, if a film maker takes the time to make the sequel they must have faith that entry is needed. A lot goes into making a film, which I just learned from making my feature, Don't Go On The Trail, and I can tell you right now Don't Go On The Mountain PT 2 is already in the works!

What about the 3D movie trend? Do you think that audiences are expecting more from filmmakers? What kind of problems or challenges, if any, does that present for an indie filmmaker like yourself?
I hate 3D movies, I can't stand them. You will never see this from me... it does create a problem for lots of film makers, I'm sure, but the independent horror fans love what they love and like I said, I love the horror scene right now. I think 3D movies will do good and I think independent films will also continue to do good.

Who are some of your greatest influences when it comes to film making?

Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino, George Romero and some films companies like Anchor bay, and the Asylum Have put out great films

Aside from filmmaking, what other passions do you have?

Spending time with my family, fishing, and music

Tell me more about Sickafyed Films.

Sickafyed films is an all in one company. I do the music for the films, produce for other people, we do photography for our own and other projects as well. I do special fx make up, voice overs, screenwriting, acting, directing. It's a complete film company. I did every job on making this movie expect personal assistant and script supervisor which was the job of my beautiful girlfriend, With that being said, here at Sickafyed films we make movies, and offer other services as well. I came up with the name a few years back and at the first of this year, I launched the company. I'm so happy with what I built and I will run with the best!

Are there any other projects in the works that fans of this film should be looking out for?

Yes, there is. Everyone needs to look out for Edwards Julia, and The Killer Inside The Clown. Beside those projects there are a few more in the works that you will see ads for soon. Always stay tuned in and if you don't see us for a while, we are on set. You can check us out at www.sickafyedfilms.net

Any advice for aspiring filmmakers out there?

Yes, Know that you can do it! It's all about being creative and using your imagination. I never thought it would be possible for me but save your self a little money, get some good equipment, write a film, then cast it.. and do it! Don't ever think you need Hollywood to make this happen, at then end of the day there is a film out there for anybody.

Final question, since your movie drops this Halloween, do you have any big plans for the holiday?

Halloween is my Christmas, I will be for sure throwing a party and I think I'm going to get my zombie on this year. Also, Don't Go on the Trail is in a lot of film festivals going on in the month of Halloween, so hopefully it brings home some awards by the release date of the DVD on Halloween.

So there you have it, real horror from a real horror fan. Not a "by the numbers" horror that Hollywood pumps out to rape you of your ticket price. (Without any REAL scares at that!!!)

I have really high hopes of seeing more from Mr. Dean. I wish him and his company well, hopefully it will become a major horror studio one day and I'll get to interview him again before his next big horror movie hits theaters.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Man with the Iron Fists (2012)

On the Kung Fu movie front, we've got RZA coming out with a brutal and bad ass looking new movie. A member of the rap group the Wu-Tang Clan, notorious for their love of Chinese Kung Fu movies, RZA is going to be behind the camera as well as in front of it. I have no doubt that the script will be solid, the action looks brutal, and the highly stylized camerawork looks impressive to say the least. I expect great things to come from a movie made by such a passionate fan of the genre. This looks like it'll be AWESOME!!!

Machete Kills

While doing some research for my review of Drive Angry, I noticed that an upcoming film in Amber Heard's filmography was Machete Kills, as sequel to Machete. (That review of Drive Angry will be up once I'm done adding some screenshots to it!)

As many of you know, I was a HUGE fan of Machete and think it's absolutely hilarious that it's called Machete Kills. At the end of the first movie, they say that sequels are coming soon called Machete Kills and Machete Kills Again! If all goes well, maybe they will all become real movies too.

Release date has yet to be announced but looks slated for a 2013 release. Not trailer available as of yet.