Monday, May 28, 2012

The Thing: Practical Effects

Wow, I just found out something very interesting. After having bitched about The Thing remake and how crappy the new CGI version was compared to the original John Carpenter version made with practical effects, it was brought to my attention that the remake actually had practical effects as well.

What... the... FUCK?!?!?!?

Check this out:

So yes, the new version of The Thing (2011) actually used practical effects that looked pretty damn fuckin good from what I could see.... AND THEN PAINTED OVER IT WITH BAD CGI!!!!! Are you serious?!? WHY would anyone do that??? I'm sure the special effects team spent countless hours on those effects before it was painted over with CGI. What a waste of time and talent, it's not like they did crappy cut outs with cardboard or something. From what I could see, it looked REALLY awesome.

This just dropped the movie further down a few notches for me. I'm extremely disappointed in this movie and am glad that I never put any money towards it. Somebody needs to slap the person who made the decision to go with CGI... and then fire him/her... and then leave a bag of flaming dog shit on their doorstep. And spit in their coffee in the morning.