Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

I was bitten by the nostalgia bug recently when I came across a 14-part retrospective of the entire Power Rangers series. (That would be the American version, not the Japanese Super Sentai series) Broken down by seasons, Linkara takes a look at the immensely popular children's show that I grew up loving. This really struck a chord with me for the simple fact that it was such a HUGE part of my childhood. I think out of all my friends, I probably stayed with the series the longest before finally outgrowing it. I would highly recommend this to anyone who grew up with the Power Rangers. Each part is around 30 minutes long, which may sound like a lot at first, but that's not too bad considering that's about how much time you'd spend watching an episode on TV. (Also, I consider it about the same as watching a 2 hour documentary if you're going to watch multiple parts)

So sit back, grab your power morphers, and get ready for a blast from the past when you check out Linkara's 14-part History of the Power Ranger:


I have to say that while the series brings back great memories from my childhood, I cant really bring myself to watch the new Power Ranger shows they play on TV nowadays. (Dino Thunder and what have you) This is also the perfect way for Power Rangers fans of old to "catch up" on the modern day storylines without having to sit through the mind numbing episodes yourself. So if you're like me, and you have nieces or nephews into the newer series, this is an easy way to be "in the know" about what they're watching/talking about these days. (Back in MY day, being a Power Ranger actually meant something... blah blah *old man banter*)

Watching Linkara's review also hit me to up the Psycho Rangers that I never saw as a kid. I think I always wanted to see an evil version of the Power Rangers (seeing as Tommy was so cool as an evil Green Ranger) but I never watched up to the episodes that featured these Psycho Rangers. (Plus, how freakin cool is their name?? PSYCHO Rangers... totally fuckin awesome)

On that note though, I can TOTALLY see myself being into the Japanese Super Sentai series. Even at this age, there's something about the Japanese version that is still appealing. (Don't laugh!) If you don't believe me, check out this clip from the most recent series that features the rangers from every series before it!

Awesome to the MAX. In case you're wondering what the heck is going on in the clip, this is the annual cross over of the current sentai series with the series before it. The story goes, all the Super Sentai team up against the forces of evil and use all their powers for one final attack that destroys the invading forces but ends up scattering the powers across the universe. The newest series is about a group of space pirates who are gathering the "power keys" which contain the powers of all the different teams. The last series' Sentai were a bunch of Guardian Angels who were able to get their keys back from the Pirate Sentai before the rest were stolen by that villain. I'm sucker for cross overs, so this movie was a Super Sentai fan boy's wet dream.

Japanese series aside, the Power Rangers have been a wildly successful franchise for many different generations. Sometimes, I'm surprised to find that kids much younger than me are still into some form of the Power Rangers. This show is a part of pop culture and is probably the longest running kids show on television today. Please feel free to discuss any memories you may have of this show, whether positive or negative, in the comments section below. I hope this brought back as many memories for you as it did for me. Good day, all!!!

I've still got my Power Coins, do you?