Thursday, May 31, 2012

Drugs + Naked = Brutality?

As much as I love horror movies and all the crazy shit that can happen in them, sometimes real life is just a bit crazier. (Maybe because we don't really expect the things that happen in movies to happen IRL?)

Anyway, I happened upon two different articles recently that really caught my attention. (I'm not much of a news person so one of these articles is 2 years old) but here they are:

First up, a few days ago, a naked man was shot down after the police warned him to stop EATING another man's face. The police were forced to open fire when he wouldn't stop but the naked man didn't go down after the first shot. In fact, it took multiple shots to bring the naked man down. I'm not sure what everyone's thoughts are but the first thing that came to my mind when I heard this was ZOMBIE. There's security camera footage that doesn't catch much of what happened so I'm left wondering if the cops had to shoot him in the head to drop him? Those of you who know me, know exactly how cautious I am about zombie outbreaks (With my collection of machetes and trusty survival guides) so this article definitely caught my attention. The police suspect the naked man to be high on coke when he was gunned down. You can read the full story here:

Another article caught my attention today, when I happened upon the link on James Gunn's Twitter, is about a cage fighter who ripped the still-beating heart from his training partner's chest. The cage fighter was hallucinating on mushrooms when he was convinced that his friend was possessed by the devil and had to stop him at all cost. (Where the fuck did this guy get his mushrooms?)  Police supposedly found him naked and covered in his friend's blood with body parts strewn about. Maybe these guys were fighting in a tournament to the death in order to decide the fate of Earth Realm. Maybe Outworld had won 9 out of 10 tournaments needed to grant them the ability invade our realm and this guy just finished fighting his partner in Mortal Kombat and finished him with a FATALITY... or he was crazy. Anyway, you can read the full story here:

The one thing I noticed in common with both these stories is that it involves naked guys being on drugs and brutally murdering people. While they may not be zombies, or MK fighters, it is always a good idea to exercise extra caution the next time you see naked people in public acting strange. They might be off of something and on the look out for their victim!!! When I lived in San Francisco, you would see the occasional strange naked person wandering the streets and they weren't particularly a danger to anyone, so we typically just ignored them.

Even though the idea of a zombie outbreak makes for a great movie plot, the idea of one happening is terrifying. Who else is preparing and what are you currently focusing on? (Food, Resources, Weapons, Defenses, EMT, etc.)