Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Let me start off by wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!!!

I know that I've completely neglected this blog for entirely too long and would like to apologize to any readers who have stayed loyal and kept returning. I don't expect to pick right back up where I started because honestly, so much has changed in my personal life. So for anyone who cares to read, this is an update on what's been going on in my life and how it has affected this blog.

Looking back, I've been neglecting my baby since April of 2011. I was trying to diversify by reviewing video games and whatever other interests I had at the moment (at the time, it was ALL about the Mortal Kombat game that was coming out) I figured that since I started this blog based on my interests, I could just write off the top of my head. After posting a bunch about MK and other video game related news, I took a step back and really looked at my blog. I was telling people that I wrote a blog about horror movies but when you visited my site, all you would see were a bunch of Mortal Kombat videos. That's when I decided that there needed to be some major changes to the Z-portal.

First off, I felt like all the video game reviews were watering down my material (Kinda funny since I never thought Mortal Kombat would water anything down!) but I definitely felt like I was losing my focus. So I spent some time trying to divide up the blog into subcategories and tried looking for people to help write some reviews. I wanted a separate blog for Horror movie reviews because that was my true passion, plus I know there are enough horror freaks out there to cater to. I wanted another blog for my Kung Fu, Martial Arts, Action, and Adventure reviews. I wanted yet another blog for Video Game reviews and any other similar interests. So I spent a lot of time trying to flesh out the details while preparing for a move from NorCal to SoCal.

Needless to say, I got overwhelmed with all that I had on my plate in addition to personal problems I was going through and I gave up on something I really loved doing. The move itself went horribly. I lost my cameras during the move and was upset about how things were going overall. Once I finally started getting settled in, I got a new computer and lost a bunch of stuff from my old one. So I'm in an entirely new place with a new computer in a new year. I also have a new outlook on a lot of things.

During all the success this blog has had, I've been changing things up to try to keep up with a growing audience. What I feel like I've lost sight of is the reason I started this blog to begin with. I wanted an outlet to tell people about the kind of movies that I enjoyed. Basically, I got tired of watching the same old boring crap over and over again and wanted a better system to recommending films. Z-portal is support to be a community where movie lovers like myself can go to share their views about movies that the general public might look down on. This is supposed to be haven for the strange, bizarre, obscure, overlooked, under-appreciated, and forgotten films. This is supposed to be a collection of the misfit films that you wouldn't normally hear about in the LA Times or other mainstream media. I started this blog because I was very pissed off. Primarily at Hollywood pumping up remakes and sequels, watering down the quality of our entertainment. I watch movies to be entertained, damn it. I don't watch them so a bunch of Hollywood bigwigs can take my money in exchange for the same stinkin log of wet shit repackaged in a nice crunchy candy coating. I want something fresh, something I'm not used to seeing. New ideas, creative freedom, NO LIMITS!!!

So with a recharged passion and a newfound focus, I would like to welcome everyone to a new year with a new Z-portal. There will still be many changes happening behind the scenes but there will no longer be empty promises of reviews to come. Thank each and every one of you who come to visit this site, your support is truly appreciated. Time to deliver on those promises!!!