Thursday, April 14, 2011

What's Your Favorite Scary Movie?

In honor of Scream 4's release tomorrow, I would like to know. What's your favorite scary movie?


  1. Favorite scary movie, huh? That's a tough one, especially for a horror freak like myself to answer. I'm sure everyone's expecting me to name some obscure or foreign horror movie but honestly, I think my favorite scary movie is...


    Super gory, ultra-violent, dark and twisted stuff from the warped mind of Clive Barker. Would probably mess you up pretty bad too if you watch it when you're young...

  2. LOL @Daniel Lackey thanks for the comment, bro. You totally made my day with that one!!! =)

  3. In the context of the Scream movies, it's the only answer.

    Um, seriously? Probably the '78 Dawn of the Dead.

  4. @Daniel Lackey, nice one. Gotta love the headshot in the beginning and Savini's effects always deliver.