Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Scream 4

For those of you who haven't heard yet, there's a new sequel on the way for the Scream franchise. Coming out Friday, April 15th, this latest installment touts a new set of rules that the (new and old) victims must figure out if they're to survive their run-in with a new Ghostface. The story picks up several years after the third film, with Neve Campbell returning to Woodsboro for a book signing where she will once again cross paths with David Arquette and Courteney Cox's characters. (Dewey and Gale Weathers)

New to the cast are a band of fresh young faces for Ghostface to slash his way through including, but not limited to, Hayden Panettiere (of Heroes fame), Kristen Bell (Forgetting Sarah Marshall), and Emma Roberts (star of Nancy Drew and niece to Julia Roberts)

I'm actually really excited for this one myself. The original was a self-aware slasher that paid homage to, and poked fun at, the genre as a whole while redefining it. They played on the clich├ęs of slashers and turned them into hard set "rules" for surviving a horror movie. This original concept was wildly popular when it was introduced and the film turned out to be a sleeper hit. Sometimes I get the feeling that after movies like Inception and Avatar, people have been going to the movies with higher expectations. I don't expect every movie I see to be some deeply thought-provoking psychological trip that messes with my perceptions of reality. Sometimes I'm just looking for some mindless entertainment and this new Scream sounds like it would be that perfect blend of violence, satisfying kill sequences, and a few good laughs. I'm sure it doesn't help that Scary Movie, and every other movie under the sun for that matter, has poked fun at Scream at one time or another. Regardless, not every movie needs to be an Academy Award winning film... and sometimes I just want to see young and sexy bodies get slashed to ribbons by a knife-wielding psycho while the red stuff spills out by the gallons. Who else is as excited as I am for this sequel?

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  1. I found a REALLY interesting article on Screen Rant that looks at Scream 4's opening weekend going head-to-head against Insidious.


    Makes me almost want to buy a ticket for Insidious and then try to sneak into Scream 4. HA!! =P