Saturday, April 23, 2011

REVIEW: Mortal Kombat: Kollector's Edition

Mortal Kombat: Kollector's Edition (2011)

This is my review of the super awesome new Mortal Kombat video game out now for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. As I've been ranting about for the past few weeks, I've been SUPER stoked since pre-ordering the Kollector's Edition (with the bookends) on Amazon. I made the choice to pre-order on Amazon because of the classic character skins available. If you pre-ordered at Best Buy, you would get a classic Sub-Zero costume. Pre-ordering at Gamestop would get you a classic Scorpion skin. I pre-ordered mine at Amazon for the classic Reptile skin. I actually liked Sub-Zero's and Scorpion's new costumes so I opted for Reptile because green ninjas are awesome. I know I promised that I was going to review this box set at least three full days ago but after I threw this game into the console, the next thing I knew... two days had passed! I'm lucky I was able to put the game down long enough to even start writing this thing, so let's get down to it!!!

First off, let me just say that this game is definitely Mature. So if either you or your child is sensitive to gore or gallons of the red stuff spewing out from gaping wounds, this is NOT the game for you. (Also, you need to stop reading and leave this blog at once!!) Any blurb or review you read on the net will mention how this is a "return to roots" for this game (and what a return it is!). MK made a name for itself by being excessively violent when other fighting games weren't. Building its reputation by pushing the envelope on violence in video games, the MK series surprised fans and critics alike when they co-produced a game with DC Comics that resulted in a T for Teens rating. (Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe)  I admit that the game was an interesting concept but I prefer to consider it a nice alternative that I keep separated from the MK canon. (An MK game without blood and guts, how ridiculous!!! That's like them making a Mortal Kombat movie that's rated PG-13 or something...)

In addition to the bloody mayhem that's to be expected from this series, Mortal Kombat also touts having the deepest story mode in any fighting game. This has been apparent with the series since the introduction of Konquest mode in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, the story modes in the MK series are so much fun that they even made an adventure game spin-off with Liu Kang and Kung Lao called Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks. (HIGHLY recommended co-op adventure game for MK fans)  A deeply-involved story makes this game more than just a fighting game, it's a pretty well-rounded game with TONS of replay value. This game connects all of the stories from the past Mortal Kombat games and packages it up nicely with improved graphics and even more violent fatalities. (it's every fanboy's wet dream!)

The story picks up right after Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, with Shao Kahn winning and gaining an enormous amount of power that makes him nearly invincible. Despite Raiden's best efforts to stop him, Kahn overpowers Raiden, forcing him to send visions to his past self. Meanwhile, Raiden from the first Mortal Kombat tournament receives these visions and now you must work to try to alter the future outcome of the Mortal Kombat tournaments. This new game re-visits all of the past MK games and ties everything together very nicely.

Along with improved moves for some characters, and the return of Combo Breakers, comes the new X-ray system which features bone-crunching detail as the damage done to the opponent is shown in full X-ray glory. One thing that you'll notice when you first pick up the controller is the ease with which you'll be able to control the characters. With a more responsive fighting system, veterans and newcomers alike will be able to chain combos and execute special moves with ease. Fatalities have also become easier to pull off, making the overall gaming experience more satisfying when you defeat your opponent. (I'm partial to the PlayStation 3 version myself just because I'm a console gamer and the PlayStation controllers feel the most comfortable in my hands for fighting games. If I already owned a PS3, I definitely would've picked this game up for that system instead. However, the smooth and responsive control system made adapting to the layout of the Xbox controller relatively painless)

Different gameplay modes also add more depth to the game such as the Challenge Tower, which gives players fun little side missions to complete for more Koins to unlock secrets. (Test Your Might, Test Your Sight, Kill Zombies, etc.) In multiplayer mode, there's one-on-one or two-on-two battles with MK featuring a new smoother tag system that makes fighting with your friends more interesting. I totally think there should be a tag team X-ray move, which there isn't, but the X-rays alone are a fantastic addition to the MK experience. Fanboy fantasies aside, I have no REAL complaints about the way this game plays. The 3D characters and environments returning to the original 2D fighting platform proves to be a winning combination. Simply the best Mortal Kombat to date.

These are the reason I decided to go for the Kollector's Edition as opposed to the Tournament Edition. Although the Tournament Edition comes with a joystick, these video game bookends were totally bad ass and I felt like they'd be more useful to me than a clunky joystick. (I might've gone for the Tournament Edition if it included the bookends as well) These highly detailed bookends feature Scorpion pushing his spear through a wall and Sub-Zero getting impaled on the other side of it. These will look fantastic up on a shelf, bordering a stack of video games or movies violent enough to be deemed worthy of being held up by MK bookends.

Here are a couple different angles of the bookends

SO friggin' awesome. I will enjoy decorating my future room with these bad ass bookends, no doubt. Now, a look at what else comes in this box set:

Sorry, don't be fooled by my picture. The black thing on the left with Scorpion printed on it is just the cover to the book in the middle, The Art of Mortal Kombat. The book is approx. 110 pages and contains concept art for each of the characters as well as information on the various stages in the game. In addition to the classic (Reptile, Sub-Zero, or Scorpion) costume that comes with your pre-order, every set comes with a classic Ermac costume (Red Ninja) and downloadable MK-inspired Avatars for your Xbox Live or PSN accounts. There is also some DLC that comes along with the game, although it didn't specify what it is and I'm not connected to Live... so maybe someone else can shed a little light on what this might be?

So, the new Mortal Kombat game is easily the strongest in the series and I am PROUD to say that I own the Kollector's Edition set. I would give this game a full rating of 10 out of 10 for being part of my favorite fighting game franchise and for being an AWESOME addition to the series. I have been a major fan of all the games ever since the series started. I can remember going to my buddy's house when I was just a kid and playing the first Mortal Kombat on his SNES. I remember LOVING every Mortal Kombat up until Mortal Kombat Trilogy. I must admit, I hated when the environments in the series went 3D because I was just so used to the 2D fighting platform. The later series on the PS2 had totally awesome intros but the fighting mechanics were strange and just didn't feel like Mortal Kombat anymore. This was also the birth of their story mode, or Konquest mode, which proved to be even better than the fighting aspect in some ways. Being able to harness the best of both aspects, they have a created a nice little niche for themselves and ensured that MK will be here to stay. Shaolin Monks was my favorite MK game on the PS2 and they proved they can be more than just a fighting game. Overall, this new game is a fantastic new addition to the MK family and is the strongest in the series without a doubt. HIGHLY recommended for fans and newcomers alike. Do yourself a favor and go buy a copy of this game ASAP. You will not be disappointed.

My apologies to all my readers, I know I promised this was going up on 4.20.11, although I wanted to put a little effort into it and take some good pictures. I hope you all enjoyed the review and I hope I was able to provide a little insight into this amazing video game. I don't get paid to promote this item and I'm not getting any freebies from them. I'm trying to spread the word on this game for no other reason than the fact that I absolutely LOVE the series and this new game. I figured that my readers who share the same interests would appreciate knowing what comes in the Kollector's Edition set. I'm not getting anything out of advertising for these guys so just know that I'm recommending this game because I genuinely enjoy it. I hope you all do too.


  1. You failed to publish something on 4.20? Gosh, I wonder why that is.

    It's just as well you didn't get the stick, since MK's weird button placement can really only be used for MK. The game will be at EVO, though, so I guess we'll see then if 9 is the first MK since UMK3 that has any tournament scene.

  2. Now I wish I had played all the previous MKs to fully enjoy this game.

    @Sarah, I think the word you are looking for is cold =)