Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Zombies Are Coming!!!

Ever since last Halloween, I've noticed that Zombies have become the most popular movie monsters in recent years leaving Werewolves and Vampires, which have been queered up by the Twilight franchise, behind in their wake. This outbreak was infecting every possible medium in mainstream media from books to video games to movies and even TV shows. AMC channel was premiering their widely popular The Walking Dead series. Dead Rising 2 was a video game all about surviving a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, Red Dead Redemption announced they would have an Undead Nightmare package, and Call of Duty: Black Ops brought back their ever popular Nazi Zombie mode. Zombies are on the rise (from their graves!!) so I thought I'd take this time to take a quick look into the Zombie subgenre as a whole.

Video Games:

The recent popularity of post-Romero zombies began with the release of the Resident Evil franchise, also known as Bio-Hazard in Japan, which became wildly popular in the late 90's. This video game franchise created the survival horror genre and breathed new life into those undead bastards. This insanely popular video game franchise eventually spawned four live action films and one animated feature.

In addition to the games mentioned above, the zombie's popularity has spread even to mobile apps where they created a "cute" game involving zombies. Which goes to show, zombies aren't just popular amongst die hard and blood-thirsty fans but amongst casual gamers and non-zombie fans too.

Dead Island Official Trailer


Another reason for the Zombie's meteoric rise to popularity has to be the release of Max Brooks' Zombie Survival Guide. Detailing some key strategies for surviving a zombie outbreak, this book touches on what the advantages are to using certain weapons, where to go after an outbreak, and other useful information that may be essential to your survival. While doing a tour of different colleges, Max Brooks was holding seminars on zombie survival in campuses across the U.S. when he came up with the idea for a Zombie Survival Guide. Think about that, zombie popularity was so rampant that it spread into our education system!!!!

Available now from Roger Ma and the Zombie Combat Club, comes the Zombie Combat Manual. This book provides some insight on combat strategies and battle tactics. Useful tips such as stabbing zombies under the chin with a knife as opposed to their eyes because if you miss, you open yourself up to an attack by the zombie. (Check out the Amazon link, there are a couple "instructional" video clips that you can check out there!) An excellent addition to the bookshelf of any zombie survival enthusiast, the Zombie Combat Manual is one of the more recent and prominent survival guides available.


A documentary entitled Zombiemania, provides a ton of background on the zombie subgenre. Touching on various subjects such as Voodoo's influence on the genre, the documentary mainly focuses on George A. Romero's contributions to the genre. Including, of course, the special effects of Tom Savini and how the genre itself has evolved. A very interesting documentary to "get your feet wet" if you aren't already a fan of the genre. I'm not sure if it's available on DVD but I watched it on Netflix Instant Play. (where it's still available!!)

In movie news, the extremely bizarre movie Deadgirl is receiving a sequel. The guys over at Bloody-Disgusting have the scoop. Apparently, the sequel will be about a group of girls who happen upon the same zombie girl from the first movie. Very interesting....

In other news, a release date of May 4th has been set for AMC theaters to start rockin' a new German zombie film entitled Rammbock

The story will follow a man who attempts to make-up with his girlfriend but finds her apartment empty when he gets there. Realizing that there has been a zombie outbreak, he barricades himself inside her apartment with everyone else in the building trying to survive by screaming out windows to make plans with one another.


The wildly popular AMC channel original series, The Walking Dead, is awaiting their second season. (slated for an October release) This television series, based on a comic book series of the same name, appeals to the general public in addition to long-time fans of zombies. My cousin, who cannot stand anything scary, tells me that she watches the show but changes the channel during violent scenes (!) involving zombie attacks. The show (much like the comic) is touted for its storyline, which entices viewers and readers alike, because the development for the characters are so deep and involved. The realism of character interactions during an intense survival situation is engrossing to both hardcore lover and haters of zombies. For those who are eagerly awaiting the release of the second season and can't get enough Walking Dead, the first season is available now on Blu-Ray and DVD.

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