Thursday, March 17, 2011

Second week of March

Wow, and yet another week goes by without any new reviews or updates. I actually meant for this post to go up a couple days ago. I haven't gotten any new movies from Netflix since Feb. so I haven't been watching any new movies lately. I feel like I'm neglecting people who actually visit the site and read what I write on here. So, in lieu of any new reviews once again, I will be updating with random things that have been keeping me busy this past week.

Someone said to me that 2011 is the new 1993. When asked to elaborate, he mentioned the new Duke Nukem game coming out and Mortal Kombat being a major release. Spielberg is trying to strike gold with dinosaurs, yet again, with a Fox series, Terra Nova. The character, Bulk, makes a return to Power Rangers and they're also planning a Beavis and Butthead reboot this summer on MTV.

Must own... *drools*

After hearing all this, I stopped and started to think about what I've been doing this past week. The first thing I thought worth mentioning was my excitement over this clip that should give ANY kid, who grew up on Power Rangers, a serious chubby.

Watching that clip was such a blast from my past, seeing as I used to be a die-hard Power Rangers fan when I was younger, I found it a little hard to contain my excitement and ended up posting a link on my Twitter page to this clip. Totally reminded me of hanging out with my buddy after school, we'd go to his house to watch Power Rangers and eat before going to Chinese school. This was the same buddy whose house I would go to play Mortal Kombat when I was younger!!! (Weird how that all ties in, huh?)  Furthermore, this buddy comes over to my house nowadays to get stoned and play video games.... and we've pretty much settled on wrestling games as being our favorite games to play when we're stoned. That's another thing that has been keeping me busy this past week, wrestling games. This being significant for me only because in elementary school, the only thing I loved more than Power Rangers was.... WRESTLING!!!! (This was, of course, before I got into Hardcore Wrestling)

The only new news this week is Zuffa buying out Strikeforce and the clusterfuck of disasters that hit Japan. What happened to Japan is such a shame, my heart really goes out to Japan because I'm such a BIG fan of so many things that come out there. (Anime, sushi, fetish porn, video games, movies... to name a few)  I really would like to show my support for Japan but you see coverage of it all over the news and everywhere else you turn. Although I really do think what happened was a tragedy, Z-portal has always strayed from the beaten path.... so I'd rather not touch on that too much during this time.

So, that leaves me with the buy out of Strikeforce. I'm sure a lot you think that the buy out can only increase the talent pool and is probably a good thing, but I get flashbacks to when the WWF bought out WCW and ECW back in the day. Without competition, wrestling got stale real fast. I'm not sure what this will mean exactly for MMA but it felt to me like Strikeforce was putting on better fight cards than the UFC was before the buy out. Strikeforce was also in the middle of a heavyweight tournament. Now they're adopting the Unified Rules and will have to run hiring decisions by Dana White first. One thing that sets this apart from wrestling is that Strikeforce is supposedly going to operate independently of UFC with the company making its own decisions under the "supervision" of its new parent company.

Speaking of UFC, they have a PPV coming up this Saturday on March 19, 2011. Subbing for an injured Rashad Evans in the title bout will be Jon "Bones" Jones, who faces MaurĂ­cio "Shogun" Rua for the UFC Lightheavyweight Title. Jones will be the favorite to win the title over Shogun entering this match. On paper, Jones is statistically the bigger and stronger fighter but this wouldn't be the first time that Shogun has fought an opponent like him. My pick is for Shogun to retain the title. Also on the card will be WEC superstars Urijah Faber and Eddie Wineland.