Monday, March 7, 2011

First week of March

Can you believe it? We're already a week into March... where does all the time go? I told myself that I was going to review at least another handful of movies before Black History Month was over, now it's a week into March and I haven't written anything yet. So here are just a random updates with things I've been reading/seeing on the net:

Rubber, a movie about a tire that develops the ability to "telepathically" blow people's head up. (headsplosion?) Sounds different anyway...

In other news, Paranormal Activity is getting another sequel but this time the Japanese are going to take a stab at this wildly popular franchise. They're calling it Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night and it's supposed to be a direct sequel of the first Paranormal Activity movie. The guys over at UHM have more details.

Speaking of sequels, the guys over at Far East Films got word that Chocolate 2 has been green lit. (in 3D too!) Jeeja Yanin will be returning in the lead role and that's enough to sell me on this one. (I loooooove Jeeja, I would probably watch a movie if it was just the camera filming her sleep for 2 hours) Seriously though, this girl kicks much butt and I will definitely be on the prowl when this comes out. (Check her out in my Top 10 Bad Ass Babes list)

So I was looking up Godzilla movie titles when I happened upon this boner-worthy box set. The first thing I thought to do was to throw it up on here but when I was looking for the distributor's homepage, some other guy's blog popped up in my search results with all the details I was looking to put up. Furthermore, he's had it up since 2007!!!! (Wow, I'm wayyy outta the loop)

So props to JIMSMASH!!! for beating me to the punch (by a few years there) and providing a comprehensive review of the box set. I'm not sure where you can even buy this entire collector's set with the replica head and everything, but I saw the movies for sale in a complete set over at eBay for an easy $440. If only I had that kinda cash to drop on a box set, I'd be happy with just the movies!!!

One thing that I am totally excited for is the release of the new Mortal Kombat game!!! Getting a worldwide release on April 19, 2011... I already have my pre-order down for this bad boy. I grew up on Mortal Kombat, it was my favorite fighting game of ALL time. I have such fond memories of going over to my buddy's house to play the first MK on his Super Nintendo. I also remember my sister taking me out to Japantown as a kid and bringing me to this place that had the Sony PlayStation ...about a year before the thing was released here in the States... and I played MK II for the first time ever. Ultimate MK 3 was the best game ever until MK Trilogy came out. This time, they're trying to return to their roots and bring back all the things that MK fans loved about the game originally. Moving back to a 2D fighting, The MK fighting games have been a staple in my video game library over the years and I will be adding the Kollector's Edition of the new game to my library.

In other MK news, the Mortal Kombat: Rebirth test trailer received so much attention that the director, Kevin Tancharoen, will be directing some live action web shorts to be released alongside the game. Here's a quick glimpse at the new webisodes on their way.

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