Thursday, March 17, 2011

Beerfest (2006)

Beerfest (USA, 2006) - Color, Director(s): Jay Chandrasekhar
MPAA Rating: R
[UK: 18]
Approx. 110 min.

Z-rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

B-factor: 4 out of 5 stars

Another thing that St. Patty's Day is known for.... BEER!!!! Everyone loves to drink and St. Patty's all about the booze!!! Although the movie itself isn't Irish-themed, beer is a vital part of this holiday. So in honor of the massive amounts of alcohol that will be poured down people's throats tonight, Z-portal would like to review... BEERFEST!!!!!!!!!
After their grandfather passes away, a pair of brothers finds that tradition dictates their grandfather's ashes be spread on the grounds in Munich where Oktoberfest is being held. Seizing this golden opportunity, the brothers are on the next plane out to Germany to experience Oktoberfest while burying their grandfather. Once there, they meet up with a gentleman who is supposed to be their guide and are taken to an underground drinking contest aptly named, Beerfest. There, they meet a German team of drinkers who turn out to be related to them and the truth about a dark past between the two families is revealed. With their ancestors accused of stealing a fabled beer recipe, the Americans are humiliated in a drinking contest involving.... DAS BOOT!!! (see below) Upon returning home, they decide to put together their own team for Beerfest and begin calling up old college drinking buddies. Each of the characters are outrageous and outlandish but each specialize in a different aspect of drinking games. While attempting to put their personal differences aside, they train together for next year's Beerfest. During their training, they discover the "lost" beer recipe as well as the truth behind their family lineage. (Making the Americans the rightful heir to a family brewery in Bavaria) Tension between the two families rise until it finally culminates in a final showdown.... at BEERFEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This hilarious comedy is brought to us by a comedy group who call themselves, Broken Lizard. (Also known for their movie, Super Troopers) Although the star of the show here is Jay Chandrasekhar who writes, directs, and stars in the movie. Okay, scratch that. I guess he was important too but the real star of the show was.... DAS BOOT!!!!!

This mean mug... or glass.... holds about 2 litres of beer. Apparently, boot-shaped glasses were popular mainly amongst German-themed bars before the release of this film, which helped them gain MUCH more general popularity. I, personally, have been to a German restaurant where I've ordered a boot of beer. (Okay, so I sharing with someone!!!) I don't even remember if it was a regulation 2 litre glass though, so I wouldn't even call it Das Boot.

Nudity: As with any good movie, there were a couple good scenes with gratuitous nudity. I think at the beginning of the film, when the brothers first arrive at Oktoberfest, they get drunk and accidentally fall backwards into a crowd where they tear the tops off of multiple girls at once. No, it wasn't added for artistic value.... just random boobies thrown in for fun. That's how I like my nudity, gratuitous.

Gore: None.

Awesome: Pretty. I wouldn't go into this movie expecting too much or you may be disappointed. If you like to drink and have a good time while watching stupid, mindless movies... then this is the movie for you!!! Critics tore into this movie SO hard... but if you know what to expect, this one actually stands out from the usual mindless crap. I'm not usually a big drinker but I still had a blast watching this movie. Loads of fun to watch with tons of stupid humor, you'll feel like you're in college all over again!! (They also promised to follow this up with a Potfest sequel which would've been AWESOME if they followed through!)


  1. I had an alcoholic strawberry smoothie in LV in the shape of a boot

  2. Whoa, AWESOME!!!! *high five* Boot drinkers, woohoo!!!!