Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Last Dragon (1985)

The Last Dragon (USA, 1985) - Color, Director(s): Michael Schultz
MPAA Rating: PG-13
[UK: 15]
Approx. 109 min.

Z-rating: 4 out of 5 stars

B-factor: 3 out of 5 stars

In honor of both Lunar New Year AND Black History Month, Z-portal's chooses to honor both holidays with this cult classic that touches on both the Eastern and Western cultures. An accomplished martial artist by the name of Bruce Leroy, who obviously idolizes Bruce Lee, must go achieve the "Final Level" of martial arts enlightenment. The only problem is, he must achieve this level of enlightenment on his own. Those who achieve the Final Level are said to possess a mysterious power called "The Glow". Leroy sets out on his journey and happens across a couple interesting characters, including a villainous gang leader by the name of Sho'nuff who refers to himself as the Shogun of Harlem and his eventual love interest in a television VJ named Laura, along the way. (Yes, I said VJ as video jockey. I know it's kind of a dated term, so what?)  Laura denied the wrong guy some air time on her show so he sends over a couple of his goons to grab her but here comes Bruce Leroy to the rescue! In between trying to protect his new squeeze and his little brother, all while getting pestered by Sho'nuff for a showdown, he's still in search of a great master who can help guide him in his journey towards enlightenment. Needless to say he beats the bad guy, gets the girl, and saves the day.

This movie was extremely entertaining to watch and despite the disturbing lack of nudity or excessive violence, I really enjoyed this movie. Known for its soundtrack, this film features a slew of artists and music that has since helped cement this film's cult classic status. So much so in fact, that they're planning a remake of this film as I write this. Apparently, Samuel L. Jackson has been cast for the part of Sho'nuff. I'm not big on remakes usually but this is one that I have to admit I'm slightly excited to see what the outcome will be. Lots of fun to watch, this would be a great movie to put on for a few laughs with your Asian girlfriend after dinner at her parents' house. (What's that? You say you don't have an Asian girlfriend? Well, I don't either... but sometimes I like to sit on one end of the couch and laugh really loud while looking to the side and pretending like I have a girlfriend to watch movies with)

Nudity: None.

Gore: None.

Awesome: Very. How can a film that contains no nudity or gratuitous violence make it to my blog? (And receive such favorable ratings no less?) Well, I like to think I'm not completely single dimensional and while I will definitely be focusing more on horror, that's not all I want this to be about. So yes, The Last Dragon is an awesomely entertaining feel good movie in my book. I admit that when I first saw the cover to this movie, even I was slightly turned off by how potentially cheesy it could've been (and not the good cheese but the really bad, stinky cheese that makes you wanna vomit so hard you shit your pants) but as it turns out, I absolutely LOVED this movie. I would recommend this to anyone who hasn't seen it but is looking for a few good cheesy laughs. (And yes, the good cheese)


  1. Love this movie SO much. Always glad to see someone pimpin it.

  2. NICE!!! Coming from a man who really knows his stuff, I feel like I made a good choice.