Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tribute: Top 10 Bad Ass Babes

Those of you who know me personally knows that my sister just passed away recently. She was diagnosed with lung cancer early on in 2010 and fought an uphill battle all the way. She was the strongest person I've ever known, with the exception of my mother for having to suffer the loss of her own mother and daughter within the same year. (Keep your chin up mom!!!) So in honor of two of the toughest ladies I've ever known in my life, I would like to dedicate this list to the toughest, baddest, hardest-hitting females ever to grace the silver screen.

10. Sarah from The Descent (Shauna Macdonald)

A spelunking trip goes fubar as this "all girls" outing turns into a nightmare when the cave they're exploring collapses around them. As if things weren't bad enough, they're also trapped in the cave with a bunch of blind predatory creatures. Losing both her husband and daughter in a car crash, as well as the lot of her closest friends in those caves, she teeters on the edge of sanity. After finding out that one of her "friends" killed her closest friend (by accident) AND slept with her man.... she totally loses it. She goes off the deep end and totally beasted on a few of those creatures before exacting her revenge on that two-faced bitch and leaving her for dead in the caves down below. Hardcore...

9. Alice from Resident Evil: Apocalypse (Milla Jovovich)

After being infected with the T-virus, she goes from being an lost naked chick with amnesia to an ultra bad ass femme fatale that can run down the side of a building AND kick your ass. I picked her out of the second movie because this was her at her most bad ass, back before there was a million of her and had the ability to kill with a stare. I mean, come on, she even fought Nemesis hand-to-hand. You can't tell me that's not pretty fucking bad ass right there. Besides, not everyone can look as good as she does while kicking butt. Undead, rotten, decaying zombie butt. (Also worth noting: Jovovich was the bad ass babe in Ultraviolet as well)

8. Sarah Connor from Terminator 2 (Linda Hamilton)

Talk about bad ass, you've got to be a real bad ass if you're going to raise the future savior of mankind. Transforming from a terrified young lady who's being chased by an unrelenting killer robot in the first movie to a tough as nails, take no bullshit, big bad mama who pulls off a daring escape from the loony bin to fight off a liquid metal automaton from the future with a hail storm of bullets. She breaks a few bones while making her way out of the nuthouse, holds her psychiatrist hostage with a syringe full of liquid drain opener, and shoots up somebody's house with an automatic rifle. She was definitely a fighter, no doubt...

7. Fox from Wanted (Angelina Jolie)

Whether she's raiding tombs, curving bullets, or masquerading as a housewife while she's secretly an assassin, Angelina Jolie is one of the baddest (and hottest) of bad ass babes ever to grace the silver screen. A personal favorite of my sister's, she always enjoyed watching Angelina Jolie with a gun in her hand. I must admit, this is definitely when she is at her best. (Also worth noting: Angelina Jolie was also in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Beowulf, and Salt)

6. Zen from Chocolate (JeeJa Yanin)

You wanna talk about a bad ass babe that's a real fighter, JeeJa Yanin is one of the newest faces around to keep an eye out for. In her debut role as Zen, the autistic martial arts prodigy who grows up next door to a Muay Thai school, goes around collecting her mother's old debts from when she used to run with a leader of the Japanese mob. She kicks ass Bruce Lee-style in fight at the ice factory (borrowed from Big Boss), is involved in a bad ass beat down at the meat market, and lays waste to a room full of people with samurai swords... I'd say she's earned her place on this list of bad ass babes. (Also worth noting: JeeJa followed up this fantastic performance with a role as a stylized Drunken B-Boy fighter in Raging Phoenix)

5. Luz from Machete (Michelle Rodriguez)

This one-eyed revolutionary femme fatale is a major bad ass (with a soft heart!) who runs a taco truck that serves the hungry day laborers. Helping to propagate the myth that is SHE, Michelle Rodriguez works as an underground organizer for a group that aides in the relocation of immigrants and assists in job placement once they cross the border. Operating mostly under the radar, when the time comes, SHE takes to arms and fights alongside Machete and her people against crooked politicians and unjust immigration laws. Viva la Revolución!!! (Also worth noting: Michelle Rodriguez stars opposite of Milla Jovovich in the first Resident Evil movie and plays a variety of other tough girl roles in movies such as the Fast and the Furious, Girlfight, and Million Dollar Baby)

4. Ellen Ripley from Aliens (Sigourney Weaver)

Ellen Ripley is one of the quintessential bad ass ladies ever to have graced the silver screen. She does something that none of the other lovely ladies on this list ever was able to accomplish, kick ass in space!!! Much like the other ladies that are a part of an ongoing film franchise, she comes back badder than ever in the sequel, so my pick is Ripley from Aliens. (The second film in the series) This time, she actually knows what she's up against and, albeit involuntarily, returns to the Alien planet that is now home to a terraforming colony. When the group of ragtag marines she is accompanying start getting slaughtered and begin to lose all hope, Ripley is ready to step up and kick her some extraterrestrial ass. (Come git sum!!!) Who can forget her epic battle with the Alien Queen in that giant robotic suit? (Also worth noting: Weaver, who played Ripley through four consecutive films in the Aliens franchise, was also the hard ass research scientist in Avatar. Let's not forget that, after being possessed by a demon, she also became "The Gatekeeper" in the first Ghostbusters movie)

3. Beatrix "The Bride" Kiddo in Kill Bill (Uma Thurman)

After taking a bullet to the head on her wedding day and waking up in the hospital to find her unborn child is gone, this deadly ex-assassin begins down a blood-drenched path of furious vengeance against the people responsible... leaving behind only a trail of death and mangled bodies in her wake. Armed with little more than a katana made by the greatest Japanese swordsmith in the world, she battles like 100 gangsters armed with samurai swords in her yellow tracksuit. (Yeah, I know they're the Crazy 88 but I don't think that's cause there are 88 of them) She stops at nothing to get her revenge, eventually culminating to a final battle between her and Bill. (the late David Carradine) Trained in various hand-to-hand combat techniques including Kung Fu and Japanese swordplay as well as weapons training to use guns and whatnot. There's no denying that she was a total bad ass in this movie. (Also worth noting: Uma Thurman also played the sexy but deadly Poison Ivy in Batman & Robin)

2. Coffy from Coffy (Pam Grier)

Alright!! Now, you wanna talk bad ass? No list of Bad Ass Babes would be complete without Coffy. This is an absolute wild woman we're talking about here. You see, her little sister doped up with some bad smack and is now lying somewhere in a coma. Pretending to be a junkie in need of a fix, she warms up to a local dealer who brings her back to his place so he can try her out... but she pulls out a double barrel shotgun and blows his head off!!! In what has to be my favorite chick fight I've ever seen in any movie, Coffy hides a bunch of razor blades in her fro and goes to put a beat down on a bunch of white girls. Chaos ensues and, sure enough, one of the girls eventually goes for the hair-pull. (but gets two fistfuls of razor blades for her efforts) No doubt one of the baddest bad ass babes of all time. (Also worth noting: Pam Grier also plays Foxy Brown, Jackie Brown, and a slew of other strong female roles)

1. Jessica Yang from Supercop (Michelle Yeoh)

My vote for the number one spot would've been Pam Grier as Coffy but being a list that I'm dedicating to my sister, I thought it'd be only fitting to have number one be an Asian star. As fast and dangerous as she is beautiful, Michelle Yeoh was super bad ass in her role as Jessica Yang in Supercop. Starring opposite of Jackie Chan, Yeoh was able to hold her own in this film and kicked ass in a ton of amazing fight scenes. No stranger to martial arts cinema, Yeoh has starred in many martial arts films including Tai Chi Master, Wing Chun, and Heroic Trio. If you haven't seen Michelle Yeoh in action, Supercop would be a great film to introduce Yeoh. I'm sure my sister wouldn't argue my choice for the number one spot on this list. (Also worth noting: Michelle Yeoh was the love interest of Chow Yun Fat in the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)

And so, I dedicate this list of my Top 10 strong female characters to my sister who was a fighter that fought all the way until the end. Too bad she wasn't battling against a physical opponent as I'm sure she would've kicked its ass. I love you so much and I always will. Your memory will live on forever.


  1. lol about the razors in Coffy's fro!!!

    nice list, i'm sure your sister appreciates this list and that she's a real bad ass! :)

  2. @kw, thanks for the comments. I really hope she does =)

    @Sarah, YEAH!!! I think a lot of people missed that movie so I'm not sure exactly how many people knew who she was. Thanks again for all the comments =)