Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New Focus

Happy New Years to all!!!! In honor of the New Year, Z-portal will be trying out a new rating system (details here) and also shifting the focus of this blog. I seem to have stretched myself a bit thin by jumping in and out of different genres, with no real direction, which may have been a bit confusing to my readers. So with the New Year, I would like to drive this blog in a new direction so as to have a more concise focus. And so, I will be returning to my roots and focusing on the genre that I know best... Horror. That's not to say that this blog will become a straight up Horror blog and never talk about any other genres, I started this blog so I could talk about the movies that I love with people who share similar interests. What I am saying is that I will primarily be focused on Horror with an emphasis on cheesy, sleazy, dark, obscure, outrageous, and exploitative cinema. (but wasn't that supposed to be the focus all along? ...shut up...)

I will still try to encompass different genres such as Kung Fu, Sci-Fi, Thrillers, and even Comedy. The reason for the need to re-focus this blog is because I am also a regular viewer of foreign films but whenever I get into a conversation about them, I realize that I primarily watch dark and disturbing (mostly Horror) films from other countries. Then I came to realize that I'm really not particularly fond of either Romance or Dramas (foreign or otherwise) and so I would like to shift my focus to shy away from too many feel good films. Don't get me wrong, I like to "feel good" just as much as the next guy... I'm just old enough now that I don't always need my movies to have some Disney-esque happy-go-lucky ending. The world isn't as perfect as all that and I hope that my readers aren't here looking for those kinds of fairy tale movies, as I'm sure you'll be severely disappointed. (If you were looking for Disney films and somehow ended up here.... you were seriously misguided)

So if you'd like to take a journey into the darker side of cinema... turn out the lights, pack an extra pair of underwear, and get ready for the ride of your life. (cause this is about as close to Disney as I get....



  1. Heya,

    still keepin an eye on your blog.
    have you seen ?

  2. @Sarah =P

    @Oli, glad to have ya man. I'm glad at least somebody reads this crap, haha. That's so funny that you ask about that movie because it was on my Netflix Queue for awhile and I literally JUST got it in like.... last week? Just waiting on a chance to check it out. That's going to be next up on my list since you brought it up. Happy New Year buddy, I hope all is well.

    and a Happy New Year to all my readers!!!

  3. Hehe of course i read your blog

    i have a friend who has tons of asian movies and he just lend me that one and i thought you would like it.. seems i was too late hehe

    Happy New Year to you too. Ill try and be more active but im so lazy sometimes :P