Tuesday, December 14, 2010

P2 (2007)

P2 (USA, 2007) - Color, Director(s): Franck Khalfoun
MPAA Rating: R
[UK: 18]
Approx. 98 min.

Z-rating: 8 out of 10 stars

Talk about a nightmare at the office, continuing on with my "Christmas Away from Home" theme and being stuck at the office (à la Die Hard) this is an extreme example of what can go wrong while staying late at the office over Christmas break. This enticing and suspenseful thriller comes from a script that was put together by the power trio of Khalfoun (who also directed), Grégory Levasseur (who has also done work on movies like The Hills Have Eyes and High Tension), and Alexandre Aja (the famous goremeister director)

P2 is about a BEAUTIFUL girl named Angela (Rachel Nichols) who stays late at the office on Christmas Eve. She has plans to spend Christmas with her family and is just finishing up some last minute work at the office before heading home for dinner. Going to her car (in the underground parking lot at level P2, oOoOo), she realizes that it won't start and calls a cab. The creepy parking lot attendant isn't of much help with the car but offers to spend Christmas with her. When her cab arrives she finds herself locked in with no one left in the building to let her out, she's forced to go back down to the parking garage to look for some assistance. She's wandering around in the darkness looking for the parking lot attendant but before you can say "date rape", the guy jumps out of the shadows and chloroforms her. Waking up tied to a chair and now wearing a dress, she comes to with the creepy parking lot attendant, Thomas, tending to her and setting up a cozy dinner for two. Thomas goes on to explain that he's been watching her through the security cameras and has fallen in love with her despite her flaws. During her first escape attempt, Thomas takes a fork to the back as she frantically tries to scramble away before being stopped in her tracks by mean little rottweiler. Thomas ties her up once again and takes her down to a level where a drunken co-worker that hit on Angela at a part has been beaten and bound to a chair. In a display of his affection for her, Thomas plays judge and jury when sentencing this perpetrator to death. (by ramming him against the wall with a car and crushing him to death) Angela begs and pleads with Thomas to be set free but it doesn't look like this lonely parking lot attendant is ready to lose the love of his life so easily. So the beautiful Angela needs to step up to plate and take matters into her own hands if she ever wants to get home to see her family this Christmas...

What I really liked about this movie was that none of it seemed too far-fetched. Every desperate loser has been in a situation where we wish we could spend just ONE night with the girl of our dreams. Trust me, I've obsessed over enough pretty girls in my life to know that there are plenty of psycho guys out there hiding in the darkness like borderline stalkers watching from a distance. I'm usually the one cheering for the bad guys in the movies but in this film, I can almost sympathize with the antagonist. He wasn't some unstoppable and brutish masked-maniac fueled by pure evil and the overwhelming desire to kill, he was just your Average Joe who's been pining over a beautiful girl and would do just about ANYTHING to spend a little extra time with her. Perhaps he took his obsession a little too far and actually kidnapped her but that's what happens sometimes when you're a little on edge. Everyone needs a little love, even lonely parking lot attendants that stalk pretty girls via CCTV cameras.

Nudity: None but you get to see a lot of skin on the lovely Rachel Nichols when the parking lot attendant changes her into a tight white dress that shows off more of her body. She also runs around barefoot for almost all of the movie. The actress has a very pale complexion and I must say... I do looove pale skin.

Gore: 1 out of 5. Very minimal gore, this is more of a thriller than a horror so don't expect a lot of blood splattering or guts hanging out. The violence in this film is very satisfying and is only used to accentuate the story.

Awesome: This was, surprisingly, a very satisfying thriller. I would compare this movie to Red Eye in that both have very beautiful leading ladies in suspenseful roles and must overcome a single male stalker/antagonist. Neither were overly violent nor did they have to be. I would say I enjoyed both of them the same. Highly recommended for fans of Red Eye.