Saturday, November 27, 2010

Z-portal celebrates Bruce Lee

Z-portal would like to honor Bruce Lee on his birthday

In fact, we've been celebrating and pay tribute to him all month long! Starting with a review of Enter the Fat Dragon, starring Sammo Hung, which pays homage to Bruce Lee rather than just poke fun at him. Following up with a review of Jet Li's remake in Fist of Legend, which is often considered to be his best film. During the week of his birthday, I reviewed his four major martial arts movies in chronological order beginning with The Big Boss (which includes his entire film embedded in the post!) and following it up with Fist of Fury, The Way of the Dragon, and finally his ever popular Enter the Dragon.

I've also included videos such as his famous interview on the Pierre Berton Show and his screen test for a show that was never picked up. There are some demonstration and biographical videos posted along with clips of his appearance on the show Longstreet, where his more significant philosophies are actually written into the script. (There's also a quick documentary on the one-inch punch)

I've posted some interesting facts about Bruce Lee and ultimately, I pay tribute to him with short biography of his life. In celebration of his birthday, I will be watching the history channel documentary How Bruce Lee Changed the World. How is everyone else celebrating his birthday this weekend?