Wednesday, November 17, 2010

UFC 123: Rampage vs. Machida

Just 3 short days away is UFC 123 featuring a battle between two former Light Heavyweight Champions in Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida. Also on the card will be the rubber match between UFC Legends Matt Hughes and "The Prodigy" B.J. Penn. What are everyone's predictions for this pay-per-view event?

(Any predictions, rumors, discussions, and opinions are more than welcome in the comments section)


  1. As elusive as Machida is, I doubt that he'll be able to knock out Rampage with his super tough chin. I can see Machida scoring points and frustrating Rampage but if he can get his hands on Machida, Rampage would BREAK that man. I don't think Machida will be able to stand up to the raw power that is Rampage.

    As for the Matt Hughes vs. B.J. Penn fight, Matt Hughes is coming off 3 consecutive wins in his last 3 fights. That has to give him a TON of confidence. As for B.J. Penn, he lost his title to Frankie Edgar and failed to recapture it in the rematch. Coming off of 2 consecutive losses to the man who claimed his title, B.J. Penn's spirit may be weaker than Matt Hughes'. Also, despite being a rubber match, the last time these two met... Matt Hughes successfully defended his Welterweight title against B.J. Penn via TKO victory due to punches.

    My predictions for these two matches on the main card:

    -Rampage def. Machida (KO)

    -Matt Hughes def. B.J Penn (TKO via ground and pound)

  2. As much as I want to see a Rampage slam knockout I foresee Machida evading Rampage's strikes and winning via unanimous decision. As for the BJ Penn vs Matt Hughes fight I predict BJ Penn schooling Hughes on his feet forcing Hughes to rely on his take downs. I say Penn wins via split decision. My predictions seems a lot more boring than yours, but if I'm wrong and someone does get knocked the fuck out then I wouldn't be too disappointed. Wouldn't be too disappointed at all.

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  4. @Alan, I can see it going either way for the Rampage fight. All it would take is one solid punch from Jackson for the KO but he would have to catch Machida first. Maybe I'm just your stereotypical UFC fan that wants to see someone get knocked the fuck out. lol

    I'm still behind Matt Hughes for the fight against B.J. Penn.


    Looks like someone really did get knocked the fuck out, B.J. Penn knocks Matt Hughes out in 21 seconds of the first round? Damn. I was WAY off.

    As for Rampage and Machida, their fight goes the distance and Rampage wins a split decision. Supposedly everyone believes Machida should've gotten that win, even Rampage!! Maybe the judges were afraid to give another decision to Machida, even though he deserved this one.

  6. Well I guess we were both right and wrong for both predictions. The outcome was very surprising, that's why MMA is such a great sport, ANYTHING can happen.

  7. Haha, I feel kinda bad for doubting Penn now. After seeing him schooled by Frankie Edgar, I thought Penn was on his way out. Not to take anything away from Penn, the man is an AMAZING fighter all the way, but to see him so frustrated by someone who was essentially an unknown name to me... had me thinkin that he was on his way down that hill. Guess not...