Saturday, November 6, 2010

Toxic Avenger Remake??

I started this blog with an intro to Troma films. I felt like Troma studios embodied the type of movies that I was looking to review for this blog. (Cheesy, Sleazy, Must-See Movies?)  As many of you probably already know, Troma's biggest hit was undoubtedly the cult favorite... The Toxic Avenger!!!

With the recent string of remakes to come out recently, nothing is sacred anymore. If a movie had a fantastic original concept but just lacked the budget to back the story, then I can see why you might want to remake it and update the special effects or something. This is Toxie though, what's more, this is a Troma film!!! They're known for making low-budget, cheesy, schlock films. I can't even imagine what a bigger budget Toxie will even look like. Sure the new movie will have better looking make-up and effects but will the new director be able to recapture and remain loyal to the charm of the original? The original was so politically incorrect and outrageous, I don't see how they're even going to come close to what the original was. This is obviously going to have to be a re-imagining of some sort.

According to an article from the boys over at FEARnet, director Steve Pink (The Hot Tub Time Machine) has been attached to this project. I don't like the idea that this has more potential to be TERRIBLE than it does to actually succeed. However, I don't want to pre-judge this remake before I see. Besides, I'll most likely check it out anyway cause I absolutely LOVE Toxie. Keep your eyes peeled!!