Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Top 10 of Halloween 2010

After a stellar month, with numbers that beat September's pageviews, I took two days off to relax a little. Now reflecting back on all the movies that I watched and reviewed for Halloween, I thought I'd throw up my Top 10 picks from this year's selection. Sorry for being a little late with this guys, just needed a little break after October.

Top 10 Favorite Movies of Halloween 2010 

10. Storm Warning (2007) - Despite a slow and chatty first half, the action really picks up in the second half of this film. All the talking in the beginning lowered my expectations of what was to come, so I was completely surprised when the flick turns dark and brutal all of a sudden. This nasty little entry into Aussie horror films features extremely graphic scenes of brutality and a little animal violence to boot. Made its way onto my list for its sheer brutality and not for being a particularly enjoyable watch.

9. The Collector (2009) - A movie that I just discovered this Halloween, it was originally intended for this film to be a prequel to Saw. When the producers didn't want to go that route, they tweaked it a little and now we've got The Collector. A great suspense film about a cat burglar that breaks into a house where a serial killer is currently stalking and setting up traps around the house. The killer doesn't know about the burglar at first, so there's a lot of sneaking around involved. This is one of the most original films I've seen in a long time. They seem to be snatching up all the movies from the '80s and remaking them, it's just so hard to find a good horror movie nowadays with a totally original concept. Despite sharing obvious similarities to the Saw horror franchise, this is at least a breath of fresh air from watching Saw EVERY single Halloween.

8. The Hills Run Red (2009) - This probably the second best movie that I discovered this Halloween. Starting off a little slow, this film plays out kind of like a documentary at first. (Not completely unlike Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon) This is another movie that turns out to be surprisingly violent after a slow first half. When the hulking serial killer drops his mask and it breaks in half, he puts both pieces back to his face and ties it to his head with barbed wire. TOTALLY fuckin' savage. Highly recommended for fans of Friday the 13th and other masked killer movies.

7. Splinter (2008) - This is one of the more original concepts for a creature feature I've seen lately. I really liked everything about this movie except for the frenetic camerawork. This is the film that first inspired me to write my article on Creature Features back in June. I would recommend this to anyone who is already a fan of creature features but if you're new to this genre, I would recommend going for The Thing or Aliens. This is a good one to see if you need something new that you're not used to watching already.

6. Feast Trilogy (2005-2009) - I saw Feast when it first came out on DVD and I have to say that I wasn't very impressed. I liked it, but it felt a little too slapstick and outrageous. Perhaps my tastes have changed since (I never thought I'd be a Troma fan!) or perhaps my expectations have changed, whatever the case, I watched the sequels over Halloween and I have to say that I'm a fan of this entire series. I understand that this film won't appeal to all audiences, but anyone who shares my sense of humor and visits this blog frequently should have the right sense of humor for this movie.

5. Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (2007) - As I was watching movies to see which ones I wanted to recommend for October, I happened across Wrong Turn 2. This was the film that reminded me of why I love horror movies so much. A fantastic story, awesome character development and individual personalities for each of them, and the splatteriffic gore that I absolutely love with my movies. Plus, you can't beat Henry Rollins' super bad ass performance as a retired ex-military commander.

4. High Tension (2003) - Although this movie is already several years old, it is one of the most brutal movies that I suggested this past Halloween. I feel like I'm cheating by putting a movie from 2003 so high up on my list of Top 10 of 2010. But this is MY top 10 list, so I'll do what I want!! If you haven't seen this movie yet, this is definitely one to check out. I wouldn't go around recommending this one to people in horror circles as it's already pretty well known. I have to say that I would definitely recommend this to anyone that doesn't already know it.

3. Hatchet (2006) - Although this film isn't as dark or brutal as High Tension, Hatchet is a throwback to old school slasher films of the past. With appearances by Robert Englund, Tony Todd, and Kane Hodder as Victor Crowley. This movie is the very epitome of old school slasher films but with up-to-date gore effects. The amount of splatter in this film was a little over-the-top but not cartoonish. HIGHLY recommended for anyone to show at their party.

2. Trick 'r Treat (2007) - This movie is totally fun for Halloween. As I said in my review, this is the best movie I've ever seen about Halloween night. The compilation of four short stories gives this movie so much depth, I think it will become tradition for me to put this on every Halloween. This movie had EVERYTHING. Boobs, blood, and fantastic storytelling. The camerawork, direction, and overall execution of this film was amazing. This would've been my #1 if it hadn't been for...

1. The Echo (2008) - This is, without a doubt, the creepiest movie that I came across this Halloween. Everyone that I showed this movie to said that it was a really creepy movie. I have to say, personally, this is definitely one of the creepiest movies that I've seen in a LONG time. Supposedly the first American remake of a Filipino horror movie, this movie was directed by the same guy that wrote and directed the original. I think my biggest mistake was not watching the original, Sigaw, and writing a review comparing this against the original. (As is the case with most American remakes though, I hear this doesn't hold a candle to the original) I look forward to watching the original some time in the near future.

I did meet a very friendly reviewer over at Forced Viewing by the name of Jori, who did happen to watch/review both the original AND the remake. Go check her out and the rest of the blog, which features 3 different reviewers covering horror on TV and in movies. Go check em out: - Jori, look through her other reviews and check out The Echo and Sigaw.

Those were my picks for the Top 10, what was everyone else's Top 10 for this past Halloween?