Monday, November 8, 2010

A Serbian Film?

A friend of mine hit me up to this movie yesterday. I had scrolled by it before on a site but the title was so unassuming that I didn't take the time to look into it any further. ("A Serbian Film" isn't exactly the most eye-catching title they could've come up with) She sent me a link to the Wikipedia page where I read the quick summary at the top of the page (I didn't want to spoil the movie for myself so I just skipped over the synopsis) and, despite the mention of the review over at Bloody Disgusting, I still would like to see this movie for myself. Any movie that can make a reviewer over at Bloody Disgusting liken it to having his soul raped.... is a movie that I absolutely MUST own. (or at least see it once for myself)

Now the question is... does anyone know a way for me to get my hands on a copy of this movie?


  1. Ha, good luck. It's struggling to get a release anywhere and it's even had to be cut to be shown at most festivals.

    A friend of mine has seen it. He's a film festival programmer so maybe you could try and pose as one yourself to get a screener? If you're in the UK Jinga Films hold the rights so they're the ones to ask. They might even give you a copy if you say you're going to review it.

  2. you're friend seems cool. yea getting your "soul raped" sounds about right. im glad he gave it one skull.

  3. @dave_or_did, thanks for the info bro. If you're looking for this movie too, stay in touch and I'll let you know if I ever get my hands on a copy of it.

    @Sarah, Yeah... she's probably the coolest person I know =P

  4. heya

    i can prolly get you a dvdscreener of it.

    any chance you can download it from some place i put it?

  5. @Oli, Hells yeah man!! Shoot me an email with a link and I'll be all over that bitch like white on rice. If you need me addy, it's: