Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sick Nurses (2007)

Sick Nurses (Thailand, 2007) - Color, Director(s): Pirapahn Laoyont & Thodsapol Siriwiwat
MPAA Rating: NR
Approx. 82 min.

Z-rating: 6.5 out of 10 stars

This movie starts off promisingly enough, with a female body being stripped of her shirt and panties. Any sexiness from this scene is immediately washed away by the next scene when you realize it's someone being prepped for surgery by a bunch of organ-harvesting nurses. (Well, at least they're HOT... organ-harvesting... nurses...okay, well, moving on.) We're then shown a haunted clock with hands that repeated move back and forth over the last 15 minutes leading up to midnight repeatedly before filling with blood and then the blood actually reversing its flow as the clock settles on the time when our movie begins.

We then find out about a love triangle involving two sisters and the doctor, which somehow lead to the murder of the sister engaged to the doctor. One of the nurses comments that dead people come back to see their love on the seventh day. (Which just so happens to be tonight, go figure!) These naughty nurses get a little too rowdy after they start messing around with each other and when things get out of hand, one Alpha-female walks up and bitch slaps one of the other nurses then puts her in her place. The scene suddenly changes to two hot lesbian nurses, curled around each other, calling each other cute and taking pictures of one another. They start to make out before they're interrupted by the nurse who was bitch-smacked earlier. After that, some of the creepy shit starts to happen as we catch our first glimpse of the "ghost girl" who's covered in all black.

There are enough body shots of sexy Asian ladies to satisfy anyone's yellow fever. (Sorry to disappoint, no nudity in this one) The ghost girl in this movie was one of the cockiest I've ever seen. Most ghost girls just twitch and crawl around, scaring the crap out of people. This one genuinely seemed to enjoy exacting her revenge on the people who killed her, all while posing like she's at a photoshoot. There were plenty of inventive kill scenes and tons of supernatural mayhem. I liked how each of the nurses was doing their own thing when the ghost girl came for them. (One was obsessed with material possessions, another with her figure and muscle tone, and one that was particularly fond of binging and purging.) The ending to this movie was a little... gay and nonsensical. All the torture and killings that came before the end were absolutely spectacular!!! This one would come HIGHLY recommended if they tied it all together a little better at the end. Instead, they have some ridiculous ending that seems like it was written by an 8 year old closet homosexual. I would recommend throwing this movie on at a Halloween party when it's already in full swing. Everyone will be so busy mingling that they won't catch all of the story, they might only catch the more violent scenes. (which is a good thing!)

Nudity: None

Gore: This movie is filled with plenty of gore and violence. From decapitated heads being held together by the stitching of a handbag to sawing apart an entire girl that's laying in a tub filled with her own blood. I would parallel this movie to American slashers when comparing the amount of violence in it but it's still not nearly quite as brutal as say, Art of the Devil II.

Awesome: Pretty awesome. Overall, I was really impressed with the film up until the homo ending where they weren't able to bring it all together for me. (Come on man, 13 o'clock? Are you fucking kidding me?! They totally pulled that ending out of their ass) Though the film was pretty consistently disturbing and violent all throughout... my only complaint, aside from the bad ending, would be the cheesy CGI they used for the handbag/decapitation scene. They had some really inventive camera angles and most of the other special effects were fantastic, I would've given this a higher score if it just came together a little better in the end.