Saturday, October 9, 2010

Otis (2008)

Otis (USA, 2008) - Color, Director(s): Tony Krantz 
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Approx. 100 min.

Z-rating: 7 out of 10 stars for comedic violence and dark humor.

An overweight pizza delivery guy is a closet psychopath, binding and torturing young girls that remind him of his greatest love. (Which actually turns out to be his brother's wife!!) Obsessing over his lost love, Otis tries to recreate his ideal High School Prom experience with different girls that remind him of the object of his desires. The film follows a family whose daughter is kidnapped but is able to successfully escape from captivity. Upon her escape and return to her family, they decide to carry out their own brand of justice instead of handing him over to the authorities...

I liked this movie because it's a quirky little horror/comedy that every overweight loser, like myself, can relate to. We've all had crushes on extremely beautiful girls that were totally out of our league and the lot of us have been left to ponder, brokenhearted, over a bucket of fried chicken why we weren't given the time of day. Some of us might even entertain homicidal fantasies where we get to act out revenge against those who have hurt our feelings. Otis is like the embodiment of those sick fantasies if they were left to fester and .

Nudity: There was a little bit of nudity in this movie, but don't expect this to be your typical titty-filled slasher

Gore: This is NOT one of those slashers with a rising body count. As a matter of fact, only about 3 people die in this movie so don't expect the next new "Jason" to step out of this film.

Awesome: This movie was more funny than awesome. This is more of a dark comedy than a straight up slasher, so don't expect too much from this movie. This would be a good one to show in between all the serious horror movies so everyone gets a chance to settle down, laugh a little, and have some fun!!!

(Note: For anyone renting this for a Halloween Party... the DVD also features an alternate ending called "The Birthday Party" that I hear was intended to be the original ending)