Friday, October 1, 2010

Jeepers Creepers (2001)

Jeepers Creepers (USA, 2001) - Color, Director(s): Victor Salva
MPAA Rating: R
Approx. 90 min.

Z-rating: 7 out of 10 stars

A brother and sister are driving home from college. While on the road, they're almost run off by a madman in a big truck that blows past them and leaves them eating dust. (He even has a vanity plate that reads "BEATNGU") They keep driving and happen past an old abandoned church where the truck that almost ran them off the road was parked. A mysterious dark figure is unloading the truck and we catch a glimpse of him dumping a body wrapped in a sheet down a pipe. As they drive past, they're noticed by the mysterious man who hops in his truck and gives chase. (His old truck is modified and can do over 100 mph!!) The truck runs them off the road this time but continues on. After a pang of conscience, the siblings return to the abandoned church to help whoever was thrown down the pipe. After falling in, Justin Long (the guy from those Apple commercials) unwraps one of the bodies to find him cut open and sewn back together. Absolutely mortified, he tries to find the nearest exit so he can GTFO, but first has to go through the "House of Pain" where hundreds of bodies are sewn together, stuck to the wall, and preserved. These two stop at the next gas station to get help but with this thing hot on their tail... not even the authorities will be able to help.

The acting in this movie was good, there weren't any stupid teenagers tripping over themselves trying to get away, and the way the story unfolded was GREAT!!! My biggest complaint? The creature. I for one am all for an immortal demon that's out eating people to regenerate his own body parts. At one point “The Creeper” walks up to a severed head and whistles the song “Jeepers Creepers” to himself as he picks up the head off the floor. I myself would've prefer that it didn't show as many human qualities and was just some psychotic, human-munching monster. What I did really like about this movie was the way that it started out sort of like some stalker/slasher when The Creeper was still wearing a coat and hat. (At one point, landing on top of a cop car and pulling a huge battle axe out of his ass and decapitating one of the officers inside) When the coat came off, the movie turns into an entertaining creature feature. “The Creeper” concept is great, I love the way the creature itself looked. I love how it hunted by smelling fear. (And dirty underwear too apparently!) Once again, the bad CGI in this movie makes an otherwise good monster movie a little cheesier than it had to be. The lovely Gina Philips plays a sweet girl desperately trying to survive despite being terrified out of her mind.

Nudity: Very brief shot of a topless corpse that's sewn together at the arm with another corpse, nailed to the wall, and preserved for freshness.

Gore: Definitely no splatter film, the gore was used effectively to accentuate the scares.

Awesome: Pretty awesome. I had a lot of fun watching this movie. The way the movie was setup, it felt more like an atmospheric slasher when it first began. Eventually transitioning into an entertaining creature feature with a really original creature. I really loved the entire concept of this creature, I just wish there were more of a supernatural factor to the creature's mystique. In fact, I wish there was more back story on the creature. All we get is a crazy old psychic, played by Patricia Belcher, that gets cryptic psychic visions in her dreams. (That are apparently very vague and not very helpful)

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