Thursday, October 14, 2010

Eden Lake (2008)

Eden Lake (UK, 2008) - Color, Director(s): James Watkins
MPAA Rating: R
[UK: 18]
Approx. 91 min.

Z-rating: 7 out of 10 stars for explicit gore and graphic scenes of torture

Eden Lake is one of those movies that is so deeply disturbing and unsettling that you'll feel like you've done something wrong after watching this movie. The movie's about a couple who are trying to enjoy their romantic getaway but are being hassled by a bunch of punks while they're at the beach. They have a couple run-ins with these punks all around town but after a second visit to the beach, their stuff and their car is stolen. After running into them again in the woods, there's a brief struggle before the gang leader's dog is accidentally stabbed. After the dog dies, he decides he wants revenge and the group is after the couple again. This is where things changed for me, up until this moment I was still feeling bad for the couple that was trying to enjoy their weekend despite being pestered by a bunch of punk teenagers. These idiots crash the car while trying to get away (dumb mistake #1), the guy tells his girlfriend to run even though he can probably recline his seat and wiggle free (dumb mistake #2), but when the girl actually gets away..... she finds herself a comfy little space and fucking goes to SLEEP (biggest mistake of all).

Realistically, it's hard to feel bad for such a stupid couple. They had ample opportunities to leave but the boyfriend's pride forced him to stay. The girl's stupidity somehow lead to her sleeping in the woods while her boyfriend was getting tied up and tortured. So now that we no longer feel any remorse for the dumb couple... let's get down to some serious BTK!!! (Bind, Torture, and Kill) Although the new outlook on the film makes their slow torture and eventual deaths a little more enjoyable, there are still other disturbing scenes that will still give you that "unsettled" feeling inside. (A kid is burned alive while his screaming in pain. Implied, but is not explicitly shown.) This movie is in the same vein as The Last House on the Left, so anyone who was into that film might want to check this one out as well.

Nudity: There's a bit of nudity but apparently not throughout the film.

Gore: Very realistic looking gashes and cuts. There isn't too much splatter or spilling of guts in this movie, it's designed to make you wince in pain every time a character is stabbed. Hands are bound by barbed wire, knives and box cutters are used to cut people, and people are beaten to death.

Awesome: Probably not how I would describe this movie. Violent? Yes. Disturbing? Affirmative. Unsettling? Definitely. Effective? Very. This isn't one of those movies that's going to make it onto anyone's Top 10 lists but is extremely effective in inducing moans and groans during those cringe-worthy scenes of sadistic torture.