Friday, October 15, 2010

Art of the Devil II (2005)

Art of the Devil II (Thailand, 2005) - Color, Director(s): Ronin Team
MPAA Rating: NR
Approx. 102 min.

Z-rating: 8 out of 10 stars

As we're exiting Psychos, Stalkers, and Slashers week and entering Supernatural week, I'm going to attempt another smooth transition. To do this, I'll start this off with a Thai horror film dealing with black magic and Thai voodoo. Despite the overlaying supernatural elements of the story, this film truly is a gritty, disturbing, and violently brutal little nasty torture flick at heart. Despite the title implying that this may be a sequel, this creepy Thai horror doesn't share anything with Art of the Devil except for the title and violent material. (Therefore this film is touted as a stand alone film despite the fact that a movie named Art of the Devil was released the year before)

This disturbing Thai horror begins with a fisherman who is the victim of a horrible Cambodian curse, which sees bloody fish hooks pushing their way out of his skin, from the inside, as he convulses and screams in agony. (Sorta like a reverse voodoo doll) The main part of the film follows a group of six students who are traveling to meet up with one of their old teachers who was shamed out of a job, and out of town, when a sex tape of her circulated around the school. Upon arriving in the village, everything initially seemed copacetic. Soon, however, things take a turn for the worse when the teacher unleashes her black magic on the unsuspecting students. Apparently, these are the same students that were responsible for catching her more “tender” moments on tape and releasing them to the public. Now, they are the next ones in line to be victims of her wrath. You see, this crazy Thai bitch murdered and devoured the heart of a Thai voodoo high priest. In doing so, she gained a significant amount of dark magic (level up?) and has just been waiting for her opportunity to exact her revenge. They're all gathered at the dinner table, enjoying some stew, when one of them nearly chokes on an earring of one of their friends that was chopped up and put into the stew. The shit hits the fan once they realize that they've been eating one of their friends. What comes to follow is a moderately creepy tale that mixes spirits and black magic with other supernatural elements. However, the star of the show though has got to be the unrelenting violence cause this is one of the most shockingly gory movies I've ever seen.

Nudity: Not a big enough part of the movie for me to remember anything

Gore: Definitely not recommended for anyone squeamish, this film contains explicit scenes of sadistic torture. Toenails were ripped off in gross detail, people are burnt with a blowtorch, and I think someone was forced to swallow razor blades and wash them down with a pot of boiling water at one point. Pretty sick and disturbing stuff.

Awesome: Great movie, mostly for the splatter factor. There's a decent enough storyline to support the violence. The ending was where the movie started to fall apart a little bit, but by that time you're so blown away by the cruelty and sadism you're witnessing on screen. (You're not watching this movie for the compelling storyline, you're watching this movie to experience the sick and disturbing visuals on the screen) This is a good one for anyone who's looking for a supernatural film but still likes a good amount of gore with their scares.