Thursday, September 2, 2010

Upcoming Thai Martial Arts/Action Films

Raging Phoenix (2009) - Anyone who's into strong women beating people up should definitely give this film a gander!! Those of you that saw the Thai martial arts movie Chocolate (2008) got to see a debuting JeeJa Yanin showing off her Muay Thai prowess. We see her return in this film about a kidnapping/prostitution ring that tries to snatch her up until a trio of drunken Muay Thai/B-boy fighters come to her rescue. This fun, stylized Thai action/martial arts film incorporates breakdancing, Muay Thai, and drunken boxing. As a viewer, we do have to suspend a bit of logic when viewing this film. Some of the moves are so outrageous that it obviously only works because it's a choreographed fight scene and would never work IRL. Still, this movie is going for flashiness... not realism. So in that sense, this film was hugely successful and lots of fun to watch. Keep an eye out for this one as I'm sure it will be receiving a DVD release here in the States soon. Another thing I like about this movie is that Jeeja looks WAY hotter in this movie than she did in Chocolate. (This is a big plus for me cause she looks dead on this hot chick that I totally have a crush on!!) Check out the trailer for this baby:

Power Kids (2009) - [aka 5 huajai hero]  This is one movie that I've been waiting a long time to get a copy of. I first read about this movie a couple years back on Kung Fu Cinema, before it was going to come out. This martial arts movie involving a bunch of Muay Thai trained kids who are trying to save their friend's life and stop a group of terrorists at all cost. Living in Chinatown, you get access to all the best Chinese movies being imported from HK and whatnot.... but Thai films are a little difficult to come by. I've tried looking time and again at different video shops throughout my neighborhood, but the only thing I've come across recently was Ong Bak 3. I'll definitely be checking that movie out, but int he meantime... you can check out the trailer for Power Kids: