Monday, September 13, 2010

Gold Class Cinemas - Pasadena, CA

First off, Happy Birthday to ME!!!! I turned 24 today and what a day it was! Being a movie fanatic, where else would I be spending my birthday but a movie theater. This wasn't just any movie theater though. Today I had my first experience with....

Gold Class Cinemas is a chain of luxury movie theaters owned by Village Cinemas based out of Australia. These luxurious theaters feature reclining seats, an assortment of beverages and cocktails, and even a call button that summons a waitress or waiter to cater to you. There's nothing that even come close to being comparable to this experience. At $30 a pop, you'll feel it a little more than general admission tickets to normal theaters. Then you have to deal with all those other annoying people that you're rubbing elbows with the person in the seat next to yours. At least this way, you feel like you're getting what you paid for.

We saw The American (not my first choice) but was a decent movie in my opinion. I will admit that it was a bit of a "slow burn" film and you really must have the patience needed to follow a storyline. Anyone who is looking for an action movie should know that this is a drama and not a spy/espionage action thriller. What really made this movie for me was the experience.

After purchasing your tickets, the first landing spot that you hit is the lounge. Now, this lounge looks more like a chic new nightclub or bar... with a couple of beautiful girls to greet you and take you to your seats. They walk you to you assigned seat, explain the reclining function in their chairs and offer a pillow and/or blanket! They leave a menu for you to look through and whenever you're ready to order something from their wide selection of Appetizers, Entrees, Beverages and Cocktails. You can order food and wine and have an awesome night at the movies. I have to say that this was by far the most relaxing experience I've ever had at any movie theater. (Better than a spa any day!)

As I alluded to earlier, The American was a bit of a lackluster film. What made it worthwhile was being able to sit back in a recliner and have a beer with my movie. I'm surprised that I didn't fall asleep from being so comfortable in those seats. The theater was air-conditioned but their blankets were just enough to keep me warm cause I was in shorts. All in all, a GREAT experience!!! I look forward to any opportunity to go again.


  1. DAMN, I wanted this post to go out before it hit midnight. My birthday is on September 12th, not the 13th!!!

  2. Also, I forgot to mention that they were playing theme songs and stuff from movies all over that place... so you get that "movie theater atmosphere" even when you're in the bathroom, hanging out in the lounge, or at the bar. Without a doubt, the coolest theater I've ever been to. I wouldn't go see EVERY movie here, but for a movie I know will be good.... it's definitely worth the trip. And the $30 ticket price.

  3. Still was your birthday in hawaii