Thursday, September 9, 2010

Far East Films - Kaiju Month

Those of you who know me knows my birthday is this month but September is also...

It's almost too coincidental, since I've always been a fan of Kaiju films since I was a kid. Kaiju is a Japanese word that's often translated to mean "monster" in English and refers to the genre of live action monster movies to come out of Japan. (The most famous being Godzilla, of course)

I grew up on Godzilla films and have been a fan of giant monster movies from Japan my whole life. I almost feel like this is my birthday gift from the guys over at Far East Films. So far, they've reviewed:
Those are the only reviews that are up, to my knowledge at least, but I'm looking forward to seeing what other reviews they'll be putting up. So if you're like me... and guys in big, cheesy rubber suits really get your juices flowing... then go check out Far East Films and their Kaiju Month.

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