Friday, September 3, 2010

Cinema Sewer

Since I plugged those awesome Horror Tees, I can't believe that I didn't plug these books until now...

This book was used as the general template that I based this blog on. For those of you that don't know, Cinema Sewer is a magazine that focuses on classic adult films (pr0n) and old exploitation films. In 2007, FAB Press released a best-of compilation of the first 12 issues of this magazine. (Volume Two was released in 2008) Even though I am now a major fan of this publication, I have to admit that I'm pretty new to it and had to do a little research to find out more of the background on this magazine. These books are part of my original inspiration for this blog.

In fact, on a trip down to SoCal to visit my family... I brought both of these books to read for inspiration. I read an article about a mondo movie by the name of The Killing Of America in one of the books... calling it the greatest mondo films ever put together. This immediately sparked my interests since I'm a major fan of the original Faces of Death and a lot of the mondo documentaries that tried to cash in on its success. After I got home, I immediately rushed to the computer and began my search for this film. I checked around on Netflix, Rareflix, torrents... but had no luck. Right about this time, I went looking for a possible Twitter account or Facebook page for the author and found that he actually has a LiveJournal. I did a bit of browsing on his LJ, found that he was looking to trade some films and was lucky enough to actually have something he wanted. (I know, I couldn't believe my luck either!!) I contacted him on the email address that was listed on his LiveJournal (although if you picked up Volume Two of the Cinema Sewer book, his email address is also listed in there as well) And that, my friends, is how I got in contact with THE man... Robin Bougie

First off, let me say that I've only ever had contact with a celebrity two times in my life. The first was when I was a child and wrote a letter to my hero at the time, Jim Carrey, and received an autographed picture in the mail. I was extremely excited because I thought he had read my letter before sending me an autographed picture. Only after I sent him a second letter requesting a phone call on my birthday, and just getting another picture similar to the first, did I realize he probably wasn't really reading my letters.

Ok, so maybe Robin Bougie isn't some big shot like Jim Carrey so he probably has a little more time to answer all his emails and whatnot. But bigwig or not, if you don't have the time to stop and read something sent to you by a fan of yours... then you've forgotten what it was that really got you where you are. This guy has been nothing but humble and awesome.

After getting in touch with Robin, he was more than happy to trade movies with me. He asked me what I wanted in return for the movies and I mentioned that I was interested in seeing The Killing of America. Robin wrote me back telling me that he was going to send it to me because it was his favorite mondo film of all time. I also mentioned to him that I'm running this blog and he sent me some extra movies that I could watch then review for the blog!!! (How fuckin cool is that?!)

I was excited just for a chance to talk to Robin Bougie, but to actually trade movies with the guy was just unreal. I was so star-struck talking to this guy, I had to stop and process everything that was going on. (Though I'm sure I came off more like some moist-crotched groupie to the guy) I was ecstatic the day that I received his movies in the mail. He sent me 4 different movies wrapped in a little booklet that apparently sells for about $4. So not only did he trade me for a small collection of movies from different countries, he threw in a freebie as a bonus. (This guy is fuckin AWESOME!!!!)

So I am recommending that anyone who thinks they share the same taste in movies as I do... (Why else would anyone be reading this crap?) ... GO BUY THESE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!

They go for $20 each on his site. I realize that you can buy them for a little cheaper off but he'll draw a custom cover for the book if you buy it from him. That's better than just another crappy autograph... eh Jim? (I'm kidding, I cherish that autographed picture... Jim Carrey is still fuckin HILARIOUS... Robin's just cooler is all.)

Custom cover by The Bougieman himself

I double checked with the man himself to be sure that he still does the custom drawings and he has confirmed that he still does. The Bougieman also had this to say:

"The whole point of putting an hour of work into each drawing is to inspire people to buy the Cinema Sewer book directly from me -- not Amazon (where neither I or my publisher make any money), and to make said books into one-of-a-kind keepsakes. I love the idea that these personalized books can have a lot of personal value for their owners. That makes all the hours I put into the free drawings totally worth it."

So yes, support Robin Bougie and his love of movies. Sure, doing the magazine gives him an outlet for all this stuff... but it's a labor of love for the guy. He genuinely loves movies and wants to share what he knows with people. We're the ones getting to reap the benefits of all his hard work and knowledge. I would like to support him (and get my totally sweet custom drawing, of course!) so if anyone is seriously interested in the books but really can't afford to shell out the cash for it... leave me a comment or something and I'll give someone the copies I got off Amazon.


  1. Hey, this is great! Thanks for the free press and the gushings.

    It sure is a nice perk for me to know that the stuff I love to do is inspiring other people to do the same, so I really appreciate that you said that. I hope you keep it up with this blog, and use it as a way to turn something passive you love to do (watch rad movies) into a direct outlet for creative expression. That way, even if you never make a penny off of it, you're already coming out on top!

    Keep pushing yourself, and keep up the hunt for awesome rare cinematic shit! There is more out there than we can ever hope to find in our lifetimes!

    your pal
    Robin Bougie

    It's actually a custom INSIDE cover I draw for people, not the cover. Vince's amazing cover art stays the same on every book I sell.

  2. Oops, sorry everyone. That totally is on the inside... I don't know why I kept calling it the cover. Anyway, go grab your copies today. You'll thank me later.

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