Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Centurion (2010)

Centurion (UK, 2010) - Color, Director(s): Neil Marshall
MPAA Rating: R
Approx. 97 min.

Z-rating: 8 out of 10 stars for bloody action, explicit gore, and violence.

The Romans are at war with the Picts in this barbaric and violent histodrama. The Picts with their guerilla warfare tactics raid a Roman outpost and take a Centurion, by the name of Quintus Dias, prisoner. The Ninth Legion, a band of the baddest and fightin'-est soldiers in Rome is given a HOT female scout/tracker and is dispatched to rescue Dias. After a successful rescue mission, The Ninth is caught in an ambush during their return. The Ninth is wiped out and their General is captured. Only seven men survive the slaughter and now must fight to get home.

Before you're thrown off by the poster, this is a live action movie. Lensed by director Neil Marshall (Dog Soldiers, The Descent), this violent war drama contains graphic scenes of decapitations, dismemberment, and disembowelment. Even though there are some shots with some awesome scenery in the background, this is a brutal, nasty, and grim depiction of what kind of hell war is. From the same director that brought us Doomsday, expect more of the same type of gritty, stylized violence. (Definitely not for the squeamish or those with a weak constitution) I've heard this movie compared to Gladiator and 300... and while I dare say that this movie may be more violent than Gladiator, I don't get the feeling this movie is quite as epic as 300. However, fans of either of those films should definitely give this film a look-see.

Nudity: None that I can remember. Any nudity that would be in this movie, would be a brief shot of someone scrambling to get away during a raid or screaming for help. Not exactly a turn on.

Gore: 5 out of 5!! Much like Piranha before this... when I heard that Neil Marshall of the notorious Splat Pack was directing this movie... I knew that there was gonna be a ton of gore and violence packed into this movie. Little did I know I would be seeing heads getting hacked off with axes, cut in half by swords, and smashed against trees and exploding like they were watermelons. Very raw and brutal violence.

Awesome: Very. For some reason, it was lacking that "epic" feel that 300 had but is definitely worth watching. This movie makes up for what it lacks in the glitz and glamor department with brutality and graphic violence. One of the better sword-and-sandals adventures to come out in recent years. Highly recommended for fans of Gladiator, 300, Troy, and Braveheart. Go check it out... "or I'll have you FLOGGED!!!"