Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thrilling Thursdays (8/5/10)

This Thursday, we're going for a little sex appeal. I'm recommending:

The Forbidden Legend of Sex & Chopsticks (2008) - Ok, nevermind the bald chick on the cover (Ok, she's on more than just the cover.... she's also the main character's eventual love interest) but before you judge this film by its cover, give it a chance and you might be pleasantly surprised.


The first 25 minutes or so, play out sorta like a porno... only with a much better storyline. The movie starts off with some famous sexologist giving his dying wife her last orgasm, complete with energizing acupuncture (to make sure she has enough energy to make it through in her weakened state) was her final request!

as their son is peeking in on them. After the passing of his mother, it's time father begins training his son and pass on all of his findings. He shows his son the private study where all the books, pictures, and sexual experiments take place. Training for his son's penis included push ups, kung fu, and calligraphy. (Yes, all with his penis!) As his sexual drive begins to build, intensified by the fact that the beautiful daughter of a friend has come to stay, there are plenty more steamy sex scenes and bountiful skin to follow. (as is to be expected from a Cat III film)

After a very entertaining first half hour, the film begins to break away from this very successful formula of a sexually oriented comedy with heaping helpings of T&A. If you have enough patience to just sit down and follow this movie, you might be surprised to find that this interesting little CAT III film is more than just smut passing for cinema... there actually might be a heartfelt tale of love and romance buried under boatloads of titties. Although, if anyone does sit through it and finds anything like that... you HAVE to post it in the comments, as I have yet to make it all the way through this film. =P

That first half hour is just so awesome that once the storyline kicks in, it's hard not to just rewind when you start to stray from the T&A!!! Highly recommended for the smut value, there's so much delicious flesh in the beginning that it's just mesmerizing...

I approve!

(Note: The last picture is kind of a magic eye thing, if you look really hard at the screen... the face of a pervert will appear. Results may vary depending on lighting and how reflective your monitor is)

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