Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Terrible Tuesday

Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror (Italy, 1981) - Color, Director: Andrea Bianchi
[aka "Le notti del terrore"]
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Approx. 85 min.

Z-rating: 5 out of 10 stars

For today's daily recommended movie, we have an exploitation entry into the zombie genre. This has all the makings of a typical cult classic. The nudity is gratuitous to compensate for the lack of acting ability and the gore and violence goes for shock value in lieu of a decent storyline. What gets me about this movie is the kind of zombies that are shown here. Usually, slow-moving zombies are relatively mindless and easy to run past.... they just get the numbers advantage and overwhelm you. Almost all zombies are pretty brainless too, so you don't usually have to worry much about being outwitted by one. The zombies in this movie though, they're something else.... despite being a bunch of slow-moving rotted corpses, they seem to have impeccable aim as one zombie appears from the bushes and throws a knife that sticks a girl's hand to the wall. The rest seem to be pretty intelligent as well... capable of using tools, such as a scythe, to remove the aforementioned girl's head as she was in a window on the upper floor. These zombies were resourceful enough to trap a girl in her window and then remove her head from the ground floor and have it drop into the crowd of zombies. Low budget make up, total B-grade movie, and absolutely tasteless exploitation filth.... what makes this terrible movie great is the purely shocking violence and story. At one point, a son begins having incestuous feelings toward his own mother and tries to feel her up. After she slaps him and pushes him away, he runs off and gets bitten by a zombie. After she finds him, she's so relieved to see him that she offers him her breast. (Yeah, he's like... 12 or 13 at least) As if all that shit wasn't weird enough, now that the kid's a zombie.... he's bites one of her tits off!! Yeah, pretty crazy stuff. This one's recommended only for hardcore zombie movie fans or die hard Italian exploitation aficionados. 

(Trivia: The little "boy" that bites his mother's tits off is played by a midget.)