Sunday, August 1, 2010

Scary Sundays

Being a horror movie fanatic, I had to dedicate one day to my all-time favorite genre. Scary Sundays will be a day for horror movies and talk about anything creepy, unsettling, or just plain terrifying.

Bunshinsaba (2004) - This South Korean Horror is the creepiest "long hair girl" film I've seen. We jump into the action almost immediately as the movie begins in a classroom with a group of kids trying to summon a ghost. One of the girls in this movie has the biggest eyes I've ever seen. Known here in the States as "Witch Board", this creepy supernatural film had a brief run on FEARnet at one point. I liked this movie more than either The Ring or The Grudge. (This movie was actually creepy!!!) The actresses alone are worth the rental.... no nudity here though guys, sorry to disappoint.