Monday, August 16, 2010


Anyone that saw Grindhouse, or owns the Planet Terror DVD, will remember the super awesome "fake" trailer for Machete. For those who totally missed out, Machete is about a Mexican day laborer who turns out to be a Federale who is out for revenge after being set up. Rumor had it that Robert Rodriguez had shot so much footage for the trailer that he had enough to turn it into a full length feature. That was wayyy back in 2007, I hadn't heard any news about it so I'd pretty much forgotten about it... until I happened by the movie poster. Where the hell have I been?! This film is set for a release date of September 3, 2010.

(skip ahead to 1:35 in the video to get to trailer)

Holy CRAP!!! Danny Trejo vs. Steven Segal? Super hot ladies like Michelle Rodriguez and Jessica Alba?? As if that weren't enough, you top it off with Robert De Niro and Cheech Marin?! I know what I'll be doing Labor Day weekend. (Har har, I see what they did there.)

[The Red Band Trailer for Machete courtesy of IGN]

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