Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WTF?! Wednesdays

WTF?! Wednesdays are for movies that bizarre, wacky, and completely baffling. Suspend all logic and reasoning for these movies, you're just along for the ride...

Takashi Miike, also known as the Rabid Dog of Japanese cinema, is the mad mastermind behind this black comedy with supposed satire on the obsession with reality television. When the movie first started, I thought I had gotten the wrong movie from Netflix. The first 15 minutes or so plays out like some sex tape. Shortly after, we are introduced to "Visitor Q" and the strange family he is to stay with. A rather dysfunctional family that includes a promiscuous daughter, a son that's bullied in school but he comes home and beats his lactating mother, and a strange father who video tapes everything including his incestuous acts with his daughter. If you have the patience for this type of movie, it is absolutely hilarious. Without a doubt, had me repeating "WTF?!" like a mantra all throughout the movie. The whole scene in the greenhouse where the father bones the corpse of the dead reporter is CLASSIC. (and the "predicament" the father gets himself into... is worth a viewing alone!!)