Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thrilling Thursdays

Thursdays will be for Thrillers and movies that are sexually thrilling. (Just a cop out really, cause I wasn't confident I knew enough thrillers to keep up with the others.

Hard Candy (2005) - This thrill, although not quite sexual... does involve a sexual organ. Ellen Page, who also stars in this summer's blockbuster hit Inception, plays an innocent young girl meeting a stranger from the internet at a coffee shop. Before long, they go back to his place for drinks and this sexual predator seemingly has her right where he wants her... but things aren't what they appear. When the tables are suddenly turned, this pedophile/photographer gets more than he bargained for. With most of the violence implied, this movie is amazingly effective in making guys squirm. My favorite line in the movie: "Does your mother know you cut off mens' balls?"