Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stolen from Netflix

A few quick reviews I wrote:

     John Conner, the last hope for the future of mankind, playing a horror movie obsessed teen? Awesome. When this Fangoria reading horror club president/peeping tom catches wind of a new interactive video game... he's just DYING to try it out. Things get out of control when the video game becomes a little TOO realistic for his taste. "The Trickster" was a little lame and annoying but I was hard-pressed not to give it a higher rating for the SUPER hottie that plays the next door neighbor. Classic cheese you'd expect from an 80's horror movie. If they had gotten a little more creative with the Trickster, this would've gotten a higher rating... but still earned a SOLID 8 out of 10 from me.

     Apocalypse Inc. moves into Tromaville and tries taking over but first needs to kill The Toxic Avenger. After some failed attempts, they convince our hero to look for his father in Japan. Toxic Avenger 2 was typical Troma sleeze. Lame sound effects with ridiculous, over-the-top methods of "disposing" of criminals. This is a more silly and slapstick sequel to the original. Plenty of hot naked Japanese girls and violence wins this 7 out of 10 for being typical Troma schlock.

     Although it's another combination of Martial Arts + (insert random activity) type movie, it's nowhere near as successful as Shaolin Soccer was. Not really made to show off either Kung Fu or recipes for cooking, this (surprisingly) was at least somewhat entertaining as opposed to some of the others in this subgenre. (Like lame ass Kung Fu Dunk for example) This movie has a serious tone while not taking itself seriously. Sammo Hung leads some other recognizable faces in this Kung Fu meets Iron Chef type movie. Do not expect another Shaolin Soccer, but this is far from the worst of the worst. This was really a mediocre example of movies jumping on a successful formula. Although, I must admit... I love Sammo Hung!!! Therefore, I generously give this a 6 out of 10.