Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Upcoming Movies

Just thought I'd do a lazy post for the day, here are some upcoming movies that I'm looking forward to seeing:

The new Predator movie looks AWESOME. I hope they don't fuck this one up like they did Aliens vs. Predator. (No, AVP isn't getting linked to Netflix or anywhere cause the movie was garbage) How can you NOT love the original though, especially in the scene where Arnold's team makes first contact with the Predator and they mow down half the freakin forest to get kill this thing. (Would ya believe that they don't kill it either?)

Ah, The Expendables, I've been following this movie for months now!!! (I first read about it on Kung Fu Cinema) Something about the ensemble All-Star cast of action movie greats that just gives me a boner. (No homo) I just get a hard-on for movies that have more than one established big name actor, it just gets my juices flowin. (Such as The Forbidden Kingdom) Plus, Sly can totally direct!!! The new Rambo was friggin AWESOME!!!

Jonah Hex looks cool as fuckin hell. I don't even follow the comic series, but I still think it looks cool as hell. (Or should that be "cool as Hex"?)

Last but not least, (no pun intended) The Last Airbender looks like it's going to be a good one. I just got my hands on the popular Nick series that this movie is based on. I'm trying my best to finish it before the movie comes out. Also, it's going to be in 3D!!!!! I can totally get off on 3D movies... (My favorites are still the My Bloody Valentine remake and Avatar, but you would definitely have to had seen them in theaters... to get the full, orgasmic 3D effects... IMAX if available.)

Also, I'm excited (but a little peeved because it doesn't seem to follow the storyline at ALL) for the new, appropriately violent, reboot of Mortal Kombat. I'm gonna forgive the storyline thing because it just looks SO sick... (and being a HUGE Mortal Kombat fan) I will definitely have to see this:

Come on, Lateef Crowder as Baraka? How fuckin bad ass is that?! For those of you who don't know, Lateef Crowder is part of the ZeroGravity stunt team based out of SoCal. He's best known for being the super smooth capoeira fighter opposite of Tony Jaa in the movie Tom Yum Goong. (Known here in the States as The Protector)

This clip is supposedly a test run to see what the fan reaction for an MK movie would be. The last news I remember reading said that Threshold Entertainment, the producers of the first two MK movies, was suing Warner Bros. for attempting to make this movie without first consulting them. Threshold Entertainment owns the rights to the Mortal Kombat movie franchise but Warner Bros bought most of Midway Games' assets, the game development company that makes the Mortal Kombat video games. Last I heard, the movie is being stalled while they work this out in court.

That's all for now, what movies are you guys waiting to see?

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  1. nice... i cant wait for mortal combat!