Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Karate Kid (2010)

     I watched The Karate Kid today with a few friends of mine. I must say that I enjoyed it much more than the original, probably having to do more with Jackie Chan being in the movie than anything else. The premise of the story was pretty much the same, just a different setting. This movie has to do with an American child, Jaden Smith, moving to China and being the “new kid” trying to fit in. He immediately takes a liking to a little Chinese girl at the park and tries talking to her. The conversation is cut short however by a bunch of bullies at the playground and he gets beaten up on his first day. He eagerly tries to sign up for a Kung Fu class when he realizes that the bullies that pick on him at school are taking the same class. Without anyone to teach him Kung Fu, he attempts to stand up to the bullies… only to get tossed the beating of his life. Enter Jackie, the unassuming maintenance man who actually turns out to be a martial artist and a GREAT Kung Fu teacher as well. (Go figure, EVERYONE in China knows Kung Fu!!) Jackie attempts to go talk things over with the Master at the school and somehow ends up entering little Dre Parker in a Kung Fu tournament. The rest of the movie has to do with his love interest and his training for the tournament. All in all, I think Jaden Smith did a fantastic job with some of his martial art scenes and Jackie Chan gets to display more of his acting rather than his fighting skills in this movie. (In addition to his comedic scenes, he also has a rather emotional scene in which he's pretty convincing) The movie had a really inspiring message about getting back up even when life knocks you down and I really enjoyed some of the more humorous scenes. I would’ve given this movie a much higher rating if not for the biggest drawback of action movies nowadays…. the damn camerawork!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sick and fucking tired of these stupid close-up shots and shaking camera to show excitement. I think it just makes the movie look messy and I know for a fact that there were some well-choreographed fight scenes in that movie. All of which were ruined by the poor camera work. They should’ve let some of the HK guys do the camera work… they would’ve gotten MUCH better shots, that’s for sure.

Z-rating: 7 out of 10

     As a side note, I don’t see why this movie earned twice as much as A-Team did. I honestly had a better time watching The A-Team. Also, I totally think Jackie Chan and that Master Li guy should’ve fought it out in the end just so we could see another fight scene. (Knowing this movie though, it would’ve been shit camerawork anyway) But if they didn’t wanna ruin the movie or something, they could’ve at least had a parking lot brawl between the two Masters after the credits or something.

For a demonstration of the differences in American action films and the camerawork in Kung Fu/Action films of Hong Kong check out: